Index Coop - June 2021 Financial Report

Index Coop - MAR - MAY 2021 Financial Report

I am pleased to present Index Coop’s June 2021 Financial Report. As June marks the end of Q3, Index Coop’s first quarterly report will be published in later in the month. :owl:

Index Coop continues to see strong month on month revenue growth with ETH2x-FLI revenue surpassing DPI’s contributions to be the main revenue earner during the month of May.

Key Takeaway:

  • Index Coop’s transition towards profitability has began with a significant improvement in overall capital efficiency.
  • A 32% reduction in MoM Gross Profit was more than offset by a 50% reduction in Liquidity Mining spending.
  • Total units across all products increased by 12% MoM with ETH2x-FLI growing at 19% MoM, MVI growing at 12% MoM and DPI growing at 3% MoM.
  • Liquidity Mining continues to be Index Coop’s largest cost at $0.59M during June with $0.49M being spent on supporting DPI liquidity on Uniswap V2.
  • Index Coop made a loss of $0.5M during June which is a significant improvement on the $1.2M loss during May and heavily influenced by Liquidity Mining incentives.

Many thanks goes out to all those within the community who helped pull this together.

Please do drop a comment below and let us know what you think.

Index Coop - Treasury Report - June 2021.pdf (335.8 KB)


Hey @Matthew_Graham this is great work. I remember when @DarkForestCapital created the Discord chat to throw together a quarterly report. If I remember correctly the only line item I had to add was the Bitmart listing ( :joy:). We barely had any data and really had no idea how to organize it.

Pretty incredible to see what you have built this into over the past 6-months. This is material that the entire Index Coop community should be proud of. Every month we as a community grow and become stronger.

Great leadership and great impact - we are beginning to enter a period where each of the separate WGs in Index Coop is setting the DeFi-wide standard for that specific function.


Index Coop was such an amazing journey in such a short time! Congratulations to everyone involved :clap:

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