Index Coop - Q3 Financial report

Index Coop - Q3 - April - June - Financial Report

Index Coop Q3 Financial report

The above is a shareable link to the quarterly report

I am pleased to announce the first quarterly report for the Index Coop! The quarterly report takes a deep dive into the Index Coop financials looking back over the last 3 months. The TWG has been actively building out its financial accounting processes and has now largely automated the lift needed to generate future financial reports. Special shout out to @Matthew_Graham, @AcceleratedCapital, @prairiefi especially for his wizardry excel skills, and @caf for her amazing design work!

At a high level, the Index Coop revenue continues to grow across all products. The main driver for growth is the FLI series. ETH2x-FLI revenue surpassed DPI’s to be the key revenue earner during the month of May. Other notable developments during Q3 include the $7.75M USDC treasury diversification raised from key investors such as 1kx and Galaxy Digital. We expect a further $2.25M to be raised during Q4.

Index Coop revenue reached $1M on 19th June 2021 and yearly revenue is expected to be in excess of $2M.

Key Financial Takeaways:

  • TVL up 18.3% from Q2 to $164.3M
  • Aggregate trade volume up 25% from Q3 on a 7 day moving average basis to $9m
  • Total unit supply across all products is up 220% from Q2 to 1,288,844 with the key drivers being MVI and the leveraged index series
  • A 32% reduction in MoM Gross Profit was more than offset by a 50% reduction in Liquidity Mining spending
  • Total Q3 loss stands at $3M with YTD loss being $5.56M
  • Liquidity Mining cost $4.8M YTD
  • Contributor rewards up 55.4% from Q2 totaling $619k for the quarter

Thanks to everyone within the community that helped make this quarterly report the best it can be.

For those eagle-eyed number focused owls you will note we are missing a balance sheet and a cash flow statement….these are in the works watch this space.

Please do drop a comment below and let us know what you think.


HUGE shoutout for this report!

Shared it with investors from the last round. Feedback was that this was one of the best quarterly reports to come out of a DeFi protocol.

Great work team - keep it up!


Just a note of appreciation :slight_smile: I find the income statement really useful and return to it often.

Pulling a screenshot of the income statement out for easier visibility