Index Coop Turns 1!

We had a powerful and invigorating Discord/Twitch 1 Year Old Birthday Celebration today!

In case you missed it, here was the Party invitation video:

High level wins for those who missed out on it, or haven’t caught the buzz around it:

  • Well over 100 showed up to party many from the pre-party couldn’t stay for the whole thing. The actual numbers are hard to guess

    (Thank you @gregdocter for grabbing this screenshot)

  • There were two chances to claim one of a kind Index Coop POAP’s and for many of us these are the first POAP’s in our collections

    (Beautifully designed and executed by our very own @Static121 )

  • For many in our broader community, this was the first event of its kind, but not only that, we were able to platform some amazing budding leaders/influencers in our communities and celebrate what we want to see repeated throughout the Coop in the coming months.
    @pujimak_in (shared some priceless wisdom and guidance from his experience and perspective in the Coop),
    @meral (took our events to a new level of excellence, setting the tone and creating an irresistible environment),
    @0xMitz (literally made the ENTIRE event happen - not an exaggeration),
    @Mringz (shared some of his story and his energy inspired us),
    @jujube (gave us the hope of a really beautiful future right ahead of us)

  • We set a tone/created an appetite for future culture shifting/building events, as well as elevating specific messaging we want to see as dominant themes in the Coop - story/narrative, Women/Non-Binary in Index, inclusion and access for ALL, the DAO as a force for impact on humanity/society at large.

  • We celebrated DATA launching by airdropping it into the hands of a few lucky winners (noted in Comments)

  • @setoshi and @BigSky7 set aside some time to cast Vision for the Coop, tease out some of the Index 2.0 Conversations and upcoming Culture/Vision events, and tell the bigger story - where we’ve been, what we’ve seen, and where we want to go next.

  • But by far my FAVOURITE highlight of the event were the stories. Something happens when one of us shares their life with another - something shifts. Take some time and sit with these conversations and let them work on you a bit. I promise you will feel energized and excited and refreshed and you’ll experience a renewed focus on the work and the road ahead of us:

First Story - Pujimak

Second Story - Mringz

Third Story - Juanna

I couldn’t be more proud of the friends I’ve made, the work we’ve done, and the energy we released today. I’m honored to be here among you. We really leveled up together. Thank you for that.



There’s a limit of 10 tags in a post apparently: Winners - @blockdev, @oneski22, @prairiefi
(Thank you @LemonadeAlpha and @MrMadila for making this possible)

Also thank you every who came out for such an important day, and thank you to everyone executing in the background, and grinding out vital operations unnoticed. Thank you for doing the important things we don’t even always notice.


Congratulations to everyone involved :clap: :raised_hands:


Happy 1st anniversary Index Coop :owl: :owl: :owl:


We should post the videos on our YouTube channel for viralibility… :joy:


Yeah who owns that??


And the bookmarks

Hey fellow owls! It has been a month or so after our first birthday celebration, but I realised I never posted a reflection on the Index Coop Turns 1 event. So… here goes!

To start, I would love to give a huge shout out to @nic and @Static121 for planning the event. It was a well planned show that included participation from several different working groups across IC (creative, community, BD, WIC, Set Labs, APAC, and more). It took a lot of organisation to manage all of these contributions together as seamlessly as you two did.

Now to the honest part… What could we have done better?

  1. Discord has a maximum number of viewers for certain channels. We did not realise until close to the end that our community members were not able to join in the celebrations and watch/listen to the pre-party DJ. We switched to the stage channel once we realised @BigSky7 and @setoshi could not join the regular voice channel when it was their time to speak at the event.

    • Stage channel: no maximum listeners, but does not allow for streaming or screen sharing
    • Voice channel: maximum of 99 listeners
    • Stream/screen share: maximum of 50 viewers
    • How should we structure our media usage for our next event?
  2. Marketing airdrops/POAPs on our event trailer and promotional material is a double-edged sword. The turnout for the event was great, but after the event ended it was tough to figure out who the genuine community members were and who participated just to snipe POAPs/receive airdrops?

    • Due to high # of participants, were actual community members able to join the voice channels?
  3. POAP distribution was a challenge! The first challenge was that we did not set up enough POAPs to be minted. However, this may be caused by POAP snipers. What are POAP snipers, you ask? They are people who attend events ONLY to get the POAP password. Once they acquire the password, they will proceed to share this with their own communities to mint the POAPs. We are unsure if the people who minted the POAPs = those who attended the event. Second, the event chat and hosts’ DMs were being filled by questions re: POAP passwords throughout the duration of the celebration. I personally found this to be distracting and potentially took away from my attention of focusing on the actual event itself.

    • Should POAP distribution be advertised?
    • What are some ways we could deter POAP snipers?

And there you have it folks, some of the challenges that we experienced during our first birthday celebration. If you have any further feedback (positive or negative) that you would like to share, please feel free to discuss on this thread or DM me on Discord (0xMitz#2837)!

hh :owl: