Indications of Interest: Institutional Demand for Index Products

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This is my first post as a relative newb. Not sure where the thread would best fit, so I thought I’d place it under “General”. Appreciate any veteran guidance on where this type of content might be a better fit.

Significant article from Blockworks today noting that MSCI, one of the top three major global Index providers along with S&P and Russell, is working to create a Digital Assets Index.

“MSCI has seen rising (Institutional) demand for insights related to performance, risk and classification within the digital assets space”

Zoe Cruz, CEO of Menai, and Laya Khadjavi Head of Business Development are both pre-crisis Morgan Stanley vets who are well connected in Traditional Finance. My time at MS overlapped with theirs.

Menai Financial appears to have teamed up with MVIS, a subsidiary of Van Eck Asset Management, who was an early pioneer in Commodity ETFs to create a Digital Assets Index fund, built for Institutional investors.

Here is a bit more on the MVIS offerings. Good example of how to create a series of Crypto indices with a solid methodology. This is a model worth emulating if the Index Coop is to attract significant Capital.

Kind of convoluted that MSCI delegates to Menai, who delegates to MVIS for methodology, but broader point remains: read this as “Institutions want into the space but need guide rails and easy onramping


Interesting stuff, thanks for the post @Ripper80, I’m going to repost and tag you in the business development chat on discord.
We’ve been focusing on DAO treasury diversification lately but developing relationships with tradfi partners is going to be a huge growth driver in the future. If you have any contacts from tradfi that could be decision makers I’m sure @Mringz and @miza would like to chat about collaboration opportunities.