David Silverman (TrotNixonLine) - Conflict of Interest Disclosure

Hi All,

I wanted to do the first of hopefully many conflict of interest disclosures from Coop members, to highlight particular conflicts that may come up in my work inside and outside the Coop and how I intend to mitigate them.

This is of particular relevance as myself and @jierlich are now working with 2 VCs to operate a crypto fund of funds, 3SE Holdings. One of the VCs does hold an Index position, and we have agreed that as a condition of us working with them on this venture, their position will be delegated to the first University club or similarly independent group to declare as an Index Coop delegate (outside of University of Michigan, see below).

Due to the nature of my work with the BDWG there is a potential to come across an integration or discussion involving a portfolio company. I plan to mitigate this in the following ways.

  • First, with the blessing of my partners at 3SE, I will be disclosing all of our holdings, both funds and individual projects to relevant IndexCoop WG leaders protected by an NDA
  • I will also disclose this information to “Head of People and Organization”, @Pepperoni_Joe.
  • I will strive to remove myself from any conversation that has the potential for conflict, if at any point any WG lead or another BD/IB silver or gold owl feels I am in a situation where there is the potential for conflict I will remove myself at once.

Additionally, I am an on-chain delegate for several protocols, notably IndexCoop and Rari Capital. My voting profile can be seen at all times and I give 12-24 notice prior to votes for delegate changes. I also sit on the Blockchain at Michigan Alumni Board, and while a non-voting member, I do advise their team on how to vote with their holdings, which can be seen here.

As an investor in the space: both myself and family members have exposure to a number of funds holding INDEX as well as many other tokens, both directly as an LP, or indirectly as LP’s in fund of fund investments. The INDEX these vehicles hold have been acquired through both standard on-chain and off-chain sales, as well as the OTC deal. To the best of my knowledge, none of the INDEX tokens are delegated to me in my capacity as a declared delegate.

Lastly, I am disclosing my general ETH-based holdings at the address located at davidev.eth. This address contains tokens that I hold in any serious capacity, however not their actual magnitudes (for my own privacy).

I hope that this serves as a template for future Coop disclosures. Should a different standard arise I will conform this post and my processes to match those.

If any community member has any questions or concerns I am fully available on Discord, Telegram or Twitter. Signature of authenticity for those accounts can be found here, please only use those to avoid fraud.

Proud to be an Owl and a member of this incredible community and hope to keep building this project with you all.


As a contributor, albeit smaller at the moment than @oneski22 , I’d like to echo his words in my own commitment to the organization. A commitment to transparency in the face of conflicts of interest is a rare thing in this industry. It is very important to us, however, as we build long lasting relationships and protocols in the space. It is great to see this leadership within the Coop. Looking forward to seeing more of these in the future from other members. Another signal to the world of our DAO’s commitment to the value of crypto, DeFi, and the Cypherpunk shoulders we stand on.


Update to this disclosure: I am a full time employee for the Aave Company. I am continuing to disclose/follow all guidelines above, in addition to following all compliance rules set by Aave.