sCoop Weekly - 2022.03.04

Welcome to the sCoop Weekly where you’ll get a rundown of the week that was and where the Owls are flying next. Be sure to follow daily and weekly Index Cooperative contributor news on Twitter: @IndexCoopDAO

What is MVI? The Metaverse Explained

@Static121 chats with @verto0912 about $MVI, our product designed to encompass the essence of the Metaverse, that was conceptualized during Index Coop’s first week of existence. Watch Video

Know Your Index Coop Product: The Metaverse Index ($MVI)

Can’t get enough of the Metaverse Index? Learn more about $MVI on our new blog. $MVI is designed to capture the trend of entertainment, social activity and business moving to take place in virtual economies, powered by NFTs and blockchain technology.

MVI holds 16 of the largest market cap tokens in the Metaverse sector, ranging from gaming to NFTfinance, marketplaces to platforms, and everything in between. Here’s a basic overview of what you need to know about $MVI and the methodology behind it. Read More

What’s new and in which direction is Index Coop heading over the upcoming week.

The Future of the Index Council

From previous weeks’ discussion, general consensus on the Index Council’s future is in favor of moving forward with Index Council v2. In this week’s Leadership Forum, remaining Councilmembers @Pepperoni_Joe, @Metfanmike, @LemonadeAlpha, and @Matthew_Graham presented their proposal of v2. The Council will remain with 7 seats: the 4 remaining Councilmembers will continue their roles while preparing for the 3 other seats to be elected (election schedule above). From then on, seats will be elected on an alternating schedule to ensure continuity across Councils.

Nominations will be flagged via a governance forum post; candidates must self nominate to be considered for the Index Council. Bronze, Silver and Gold Owls are all eligible to participate in elections. Silver Owls will get 2x vote weighting and Gold Owls will get a 4x vote weighting. Dive in deeper with the slides and proposal.

Delegation and Decision-making

Index Council v2 will be focused on determining Index Coop strategy, supporting resource allocation to deliver on strategy, and delegating decisions that lack a clear owner by empowering “win teams” to solve problems.

The Council may also be seen as a Resource Allocation and Strategy Pod, primarily recommending and driving activity on a particular topic and more rarely acting as the ultimate “approver” of decisions. The above graphic delineates the framework for how the Index Council will handle decision-making in Season 1.

There’s no shortage of industry and educational events in DeFi and crypto. Along with taking part in events worldwide, Index Coop hosts a number of events to help people learn about crypto index products.

Web3 University Day - Twitter Spaces Recording

@funkmasterflex and @coolhorsegirl hosted Web3 University Day, a 2-hour Twitter Spaces directed towards university students interested in the DAO/web3/crypto space. They talked jobs in DAOs, education in web3, and opportunities for blockchain clubs with groups from Penn, Berkeley, and Cambridge.

For Season 1, this section will be a place to surface specific talents needs and contributor opportunities for Nests & Pods. Contact @coolhorsegirl or @kindeagle to create a listing.

SEO Experts - As the budgets shake out, bounties are likely to be available in SEO and Marketing Pod. Contact @lee0007 for more info.

Impression Mining - Learn more about how your product-related Social, Blog, and Video posts can earn you $INDEX rewards. Learn more about the program

Something to share with your non-crypto family and friends to assure them you’re not working in MLM or part of a Ponzi scheme.

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