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The weekly Planning Meeting and Product WG meetings were held today, with a special session held following the Weekly call to discuss the future of fee-splits on flexible leverage products. Not covered here are Friday’s meetings with Wintermute (proposed market maker) and the community call for the Yield Hunter Index (slides). Let’s dive in:

Calls to Action:

  • $DPI is now listed on Aave v2! There is no action being requested here, we’re just excited and want to thank @Matthew_Graham and the BD crew for making it happen. Max LTV is 60% with liquidation at 70%; please lend and borrow responsibly.
  • Forum discussion around outlining the meta-governance-proposal process; feedback requested.
  • Questions for @cooopahtroopa of Audius (and several other DAOs)? Drop them in the chat and join @Crypto_Texan tomorrow at 17:00 UTC to have them answered!

Weekly Planning (33 attendees) slides

If you missed the weekly call today due to technical difficulties, we apologize and will have this corrected on the shared calendar prior to next week; if that happens check the weekly-standup discord channel for updated login info.

The newest Owl on the Funding Council is @Pepperoni_Joe! Congrats Joe, well-deserved. Joe stated on the call that he hopes to bring more community engagement and transparency to the process. Another shout to @0xModene , @ncitron, and @dylan for getting the DPI:ETH UNI v3 staking contract up and running!

The Engineering WG will be formalizing an offer (via forthcoming IIP) to the selected web3 applicant that was chosen, and are still looking for a Head of Smart Contracts (chance to win $1,559 by retweeting this and helping spread the word!). @MrMadila took a hard look at the top and bottom of the sales funnel (AAARRR!!!); Language Ops WG is working on how to best cover the blog posts and increase visibility.

BD and APAC have finally admitted that it’s more than just stolen glances and are working on building out APAC BD Operations; big shout to @pujimak_in and the APAC crew for getting the ONTO wallet integration (I believe we’re up to 5 supported wallets now)! Institutional Business has been quietly exploding onto the WG scene with a formalized market-maker proposal hitting the forum soon and a planned happy hour following Mainnet in September.

POCWG gave a shout to the new Governance Reps and Community Managers. Treasury WG is working on a process to make WG proposals more akin to business plans, and focusing on WGs/products as ‘cost centers’. And finally, Product WG reminds us that YHI is going to DG1 on Wednesday.

FLI Product Fee Split Discussion (31 attendees) slides
This meeting was intended to be an open discussion with DeFi Pulse, the methodologist that put forth the FLI methodology; however, DFP plan to submit a revised proposal without community feedback. The discussion that ensued served to build context around the roles of our partners and clarify that any negotiations around FLI fee-splits are forward-looking; existing agreements will be honored.

Product WG (22 attendees) slides
Product meetings will be 1-hour earlier, starting next week.
The team is driving DATA from DG2 to launch, with DAO tooling being ported over to the POCWG. Discussion revolved broadly around the product pipeline, capabilities, and prioritization. There will be a need for PWG and POCWG to interface on the various points at which the product launch process and governance process meet. There was some discussion of potential product overlap, with a few components of products in the pipeline being covered by existing offerings; the general feeling being that if the products are sufficiently diverse and easy to implement, the AUM still lives under one roof.

Governance / Meta-Governance / Contributor Polls



Tuesday Meetings: (UTC/1-hr, UON)
1400 - Institutional Business WG
1500 - Wizardry Weekly Call
1630 - New Joiner Feedback
1700 - Conversations with the Coop: Cooper Turley from Audius
1900 - People, Organization, Community WG (45 mins)
OOO: @DarkForestCapital thru Aug 27, @verto0912 thru Aug 27

Daily DAOwlpha: One way to approach strategy as a protocol-centric DAO: Strive to give every stakeholder god-level context so that they can think and act like the well-informed voters we need them to be.

- @mel.eth

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