Proposal to add extra content the DPI web page

Rationale & Summary:

The DPI web page is a key part of our marketing funnel and I believe could be improved with some extra content assets which assist the consideration and conversion stages.

I propose we create these content assets and add them to the DPI page (as well as leveraging them in other areas too):

  1. A product factsheet, similar to this one from Bitwise, which can help would-be investors in the consideration phase understand DPI and move on down the funnel towards conversion. (This could also live in a larger resources section).
  2. A monthly performance update and analysis piece: example doc being worked on by @darkforestcapital, @verto0912 and I. Also aimed at the consideration phase, but on top of this helps build trust and legitimacy in the space. Reporting, like this, will become increasingly important as the Coop handles larger volumes of assets. (Again, this could also live in a larger resources section).
  3. A How to Buy guide: as a DeFi virgin but tech industry worker familiar with complex applications, it took me quite some time to work out how to buy DPI in October. I think this potential guide can help non-crypto natives more efficiently convert and buy DPI at a higher rate. (This could also live in a larger resources section, perhaps in a ‘Getting Started’ sub-section).


I propose we add three buttons to the area of the page above the fold which is very crudely colored with a green box and buttons below. This would obviously need to be properly designed using our styles and color palette.

This real estate is not used at this time, is high value, and these buttons could link out to PDFs hosted on our AWS. We could track these clicks as events, to understand the value and usage of these journeys and assets to clients. And, we could add utm tags to links in the PDFs back to the IndexCoop site, to understand more about the utilization of these journeys too.

I would be happy to help work on content assets 1 and 3 above, and it looks like there’s lots of great work and value to leverage in the FAQ docs (here and here) other DAO members have been working on.


  • Separately, and for a future proposal, we can leverage this content in other onsite and offsite locations to ensure wider realization of our work. E.g. - monthly update could be linked from via our newsletter. E.g. 2 - we should share our monthly update as far and wide as we can on social media.
  • I also believe we can utilize some best practices used by the likes of Bitwise on their Bitwise 10 Crypto Index Fund page to improve trust and conversion rate more generally on our DPI product page. For now, I hope the proposal above represents a quick and simple way to improve perception of the product and conversion rate on this page.

Thanks to @Thomas_Hepner and @verto0912 for reviewing this proposal.

Add extra content the DPI page proposal
  • FOR: Update the DPI page with these three content assets
  • AGAINST: Do not update the DPI page with these three content assets

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I voted “No” on this, but only because I think this proposal needs fine tuning. I am 100% onboard with developing these content assets and think they will add value, but think we need to have a plan to measure and analyze the marketing funnel.

My concerns are as follows:

  1. Does Index Coop or Set team have ability to measure engagement and/or conversion or click-through on content assets (i.e. How to Buy Guide --> Coinbase Referral link to an Ethereum txn --> etc.)?

  2. I am not convinced this is the right place for the content assets. In an ideal world, we would A/B test placement. My sense is that “How To Buy Guide” could be placed right underneath “Buy” in small linked text.

  3. DPI Factsheet and Monthly Update feel like they belong in a “Research” section managed by the Investment Committee: Proposal to create an Investment Committee

I would vote “Yes” on this proposal if the DPI Factsheet and Monthly Update were contained within a folder named Research or something similar in the top header of the page. I am fine with the placement of the “How to Buy Guide” as is.


While I agree we should do that content and that there could be optimization and use of that space, I’m not sure we need to rush into that specific configuration on-page.

This is something we’ll be gathering and sharing from GWG but I’d like to get a picture of conversion details on the DPI/Index pages and would like for us to set up some kind of attribution scheme.


To be honest, I would reevaluate the whole website. It doesn’t look high quality like or for e.g.


Hi guys - does anyone know if today a new active farming pool is coming? or will the existing one stay longer than todays 5th of January?

Thanks @DevOnDeFi for putting this forward.

I think there are 2 sub-ideas here:

  1. The need to improve the website by adding content and thinking through the layout, user path through the site, etc.

  2. Specific pieces of content you propose, namely factsheet, monthly update and how to buy guide.

I certainly agree with point 1 above. The website needs work. We are underutilising it and not using some of the prime real estate. Per @LemonadeAlpha response, some of the redesign decision should probably be made based on web analytics, if and when we have some.

On point 2, I think there would be a bit of an overlap between the factsheet & monthly update as well as maybe between “how to buy” guide & the FAQ? So I’m just cautious of having the documents that are distinct and not repetitive. Maybe monthly update, FAQ and how to buy (if we make sure that the FAQ doesn’t cover that).

Overall, I voted Yes on the proposal as I think the specifics can be fleshed out in the process.


Hey Dev, overall in agreement with this as many others above me in the comments. I won’t cast a vote because I don’t think it needs a vote, this kind of work should just get underway collaboratively.

Looks like it can be tied in to Lemonade’s work on conversion as well which is great.

Seems like next steps are to work on the documents (happy to help out here) and get them ready for when we have some more data to build out the site pages accordingly.

Thanks for the comment @Thomas_Hepner,

I’m totally aligned with the need to track the marketing funnel generally, which is a higher order item, and am learning more re this with other DAO members. This proposal is quite micro and if it fails but generates some good macro debate, that’s great.

Re 2 and 3, while I think many of these content pieces can live in many locations, I do think the How To Buy Guide and Factsheet should be on this page. Factsheets are often typically on such pages in TradFi, as would be investors do like to know more about fees, fund admins, lawyers, auditors, etc and take this info away to share with others. I think your convincing me more re the Monthly Update though, which would be more work to keep up-to-date in this location (updating button URL each month), and might be best in a sub-section of the Resources area.


Thanks for your comment @LemonadeAlpha,

I appreciate this proposal is a little micro in focus, compared to the bigger picture of conversion tracking and analytics in our funnel. Look forward to learning more re conversion tracking btw.

This topic, and the website overall (which is seems others would like to improve in time), could fairly live under GWG.

I am happy to help create the content assets, which is the quicker thing to do, and see the GWG revisit the other stuff. Let me know how I can be helpful.

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Thank you for the comment @s7rukk.

I would agree that the website could be improved quite a bit, and this post was a bit of a stalking horse to push for that. But, I am also very keen to learn more about our funnel to see how much ‘on-site’ even matters versus other destination. E.g. - if 80% of DPI is bought at Uniswap’s page.


Thanks also for the comment @verto0912,

Your point re the content assets is a good one, and the Factsheet and the Monthly Update - if they are to reasonably exist as separate, understandable pieces - do need to be clearly different. I think other than a potential index components table, they can be though, and I’ve seen this done well in TradFi and can bring some content proposals to the table which have such as, say, 5% venn overlap.

Your same point applies to the How To Buy Guide too, which is a content asset I’ve seen used effectively online in many areas of finance, and I’d see the information architecture as a little bit like this:

  • FAQs: a large site section with a list of FAQs, to unfurl/expend, etc. One of these FAQs could be a detailed explainer and images re how to buy.
  • How To Buy Guide: a pretty simple lift and repurpose of the FAQ re how to buy.


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Thanks for your comment as well, @DarkForestCapital,

Let’s work on the other content items together (with others), noting what other DAO members are doing re FAQs. And, I’ll see if/where I can help/add value to Regan and @LemonadeAlpha and their GWG re analytics and tracking.


Yes, there is continued farming, and it will use the same contract, so there is no action for you to stay in the staking contract.

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