The sCoop - Contributor Newsletter - 2021.08.02 Monday

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Two meetings today, Weekly Planning and Product Working Group. Weekly is mainly a roundup of WG initiatives, and given that those are covered here daily here’s a summary; more info in the slide deck.

Weekly Planning Meeting (47 attendees)

  • Deadline to submit your July contributor reward sheet is EOD today!
  • IC AUM is over $217MM, ~1/4 of trade volume is coming from ETH-2xFLI, and MVI cracked $10MM;
  • Lots of cooks in the twitter kitchen;
  • FEI filling their bags with DPI; and,
  • We’re hiring and so are other blue-chip DAOs!

This weekly planning meeting is the first to include the inaugural class of onboarding Index Coop Interns! If you would like to run a masterclass or be a buddy, please fill out the linked forms ASAP!

The autonomy group has been established and is meeting later this week. @Pepperoni_Joe, @Matthew_Graham, and @DarkForestCapital will represent Index Coop, Etienne will represent DeFi Pulse, and setoshi will represent Set.

Weekly Meeting WG Highlights

  • EWG stated that they are hiring a smart contract engineer and will soon be posting for a web3 engineer. MVI and DPI rebalancing over the next two days.
  • PWG highlighted that the LM call was a success; DATA and iROBOT community calls this week. Discussion of the Polygon 10 Index is ongoing, with methodology being revised based on feedback in the forum.
  • GWG gave a shout to @caf and @Static121 for setting up the twitter production system, and recent tweets have been getting a lot of engagement.
  • The BED launch was covered in 7 languages! Language Ops is looking to form a WG (we’ll be sure to link a post when it drops).
  • BDWG had some big news, with FEI buying $10MM of DPI. @BigSky7 had some solid alpha from ETH CC: Blue chip protocols are getting serious about talent acquisition, and some of the best solidity developers are coming out of Russia and Ukraine.
  • IBWG’s first meeting is tomorrow and will likely mostly be table-setting; however, there is a poll linked below re delegating UNI votes to Flipside that could use your feedback beforehand.

Product Working Group (22 attendees)
There was some solid follow-up discussion on liquidity in general, using alternatives to INDEX to fund LM rewards, and capital efficiency. @Mringz joined the Leveraged Indices Pod, which will help bring in the BD perspective, and there’s an eye toward adding someone with a marketing perspective. L2 strategies for leveraged indices were also discussed briefly. @overanalyser is looking to offload some tasks, specifically chairing of the new product community calls - so reach out if you’re interested.

@catjam posted about a Product Onboarding Process Revamp . . . from the problem statement: “The current product onboarding process does not provide methodologists with clear options and pathway to launch, particularly between DG1 and live. It is unclear what the engineering requirements and constraints are and what engineering prioritization looks like . . . Products aren’t getting launched after the technical infra to scale is there.” The process is in need of updating and will inform how methodologists interface with Index Coop going forward. Please provide feedback in the forum!

Active: Governance / Meta-Governance / Contributor Polls

Tuesday Meetings: (UTC / runtime 1-hour unless noted)
APAC (0400)
IBWG (1400)
POCWG (1900)
DATA Index Community Call (2100)

Daily DAOwlpha: “Their biggest product is their community.” - @overanalyser re Bankless DAO

- @mel.eth

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