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Today we had the Weekly Planning and the Product WG meetings. Everyone seems suitably refreshed for DPI’s birthday tomorrow: turning 1-year old and moving from a 7 to 9-figure market cap over that time, DPI has been steadfast as Index Coop’s flagship sectoral index; be sure to show some love with a tweet or re-tweet as there’s much to celebrate. Thanks to everyone that’s made DPI what it is today!

Of note, the Institutional Business folks are hard at work but the meeting for Tuesday has been canceled; however, there is a Masterclass being hosted by our own @BigSky7 and @Mringz on facilitating partnerships around that time that is sure to be packed with great Owlpha for those that can attend. The second session of the Future of Finance Workshops will be this Thursday; whether you attended the first session or not, this is a great way to build context and get involved in the discussions that are shaping this DAO.

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Weekly Planning (50 attendees [+10]) slides
We had a few new faces and a packed meeting today on the eve of DPI’s 1-year birthday! @jdcook in the enviable position of bringing us some great news about WoW growth for DPI (14% growth on the week) and ETH2x-FLI (over 500 new holders last week); with daily revenue at $13,620. The Funding Council noted that contributor rewards are going out imminently and there is a revised WG proposal template hitting the forum this week; it will be optional for now.

Engineering WG noted that DATA is undergoing rebalance testing on mainnet and that launch will be pushed back; while an updated launch date was not given, please refrain from ‘hyping’ until post-launch. Growth WG released their July & August Report, noted that about $38MM of IC products were purchased last week, and gave a shout to @LemonadeAlpha for a well-run Masterclass on ‘going viral’.

BD and APAC are flying along and interfacing a good deal these days, with IBWG’s proposal for making Wintermute our market maker having passed on snapshot. The 3-month term for the metagov committee is coming to an end, so keep an eye on the forum for re-election information. Creative & Design thanks @dylan and @0xModene for swooping in to assist with the website-build and noted that completion is expected within a few weeks. @Thomas_Hepner is looking to get DATA on the SUSHI/Onsen menu, @Monportefeuille is targeting DG2 for iROBOT within the next few weeks, and @snasps has been in discussion with protocols that are looking for inclusion in PAY.

Product WG (16 attendees [+1])
Opener: First crypto token? We had some BTC and ETH, while @overanalyser and I pondered whether anyone would ever buy our long-forgotten cryptokitties. @Mringz noted that after ETH his second purchase was INDEX, which is just a really @Mringz thing to do and coincidentally what I’ve been recommending to friends and family.

PWG have been busy publishing the liquidity review and updated product onboarding process; with an eye toward providing a more robust template for product proposals (as opposed to non-product proposals) and re-instituting a quorum for DG1 votes. The improved template for product proposals will likely include more detailed information on differentiation, backtesting, and rebalance effort. There was some discussion about the division of responsibilities re BDWG and PWG in working with external methodologists, closing with an open discussion around liquidity more broadly with @allan.g noting that Analytics WG (flagging @jdcook) might be able to bang together a useful dashboard for @overanalyser.

Governance Update (snapshot) by @sixtykeys

Tuesday Meetings: (UTC/1-hr, UON)
0400 - APAC Biweekly Sync
0500 - [APAC] Index 2.0 Recap Workshop
1500 - Wizardry Weekly Call
1500 - MASTERCLASS - Facilitating partnerships and integrations in DeFi with @BigSky7 and @Mringz
1900 - People, Organization & Community (30 mins)

OOO: @puniaviision thru 9/17

Daily DAOwlpha: You can now supply and borrow DPI on Polygon! Is it DPI’s birthday tomorrow or ours!?

- @mel.eth


I think my first crypto token was technically BTC, but I earned it from participating in Numerai competitions. The first token I’d say I truly purchased/owned was Numeraire (NMR) from Numerai’s token launch.