The sCoop - Contributor Newsletter - 2021.10.07 Thursday

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Good evening Eastern Hemisphere, gm Western Hemisphere; as you know the sun never sets on The Index Cooperative. Today we had the C̶r̶e̶a̶t̶i̶v̶e̶ ̶a̶n̶d̶ Design WG meeting as the Growth WG took the week off. Of note, CDWG will henceforth be known as DWG. Perhaps inspired by the JPG ticker, ‘DWG’ has a coolness factor that is undeniable; however, only time will tell if the DOWLs (Design Owls) remain ‘C’ . . . I’m bullish.

It was an absolute pleasure celebrating Index Coop’s 1-year with everyone yesterday, especially when contrasted with every legacy company party I’ve been to. It’s just an especially awesome week to be an Owl! No WG meetings on Friday (long may that continue) and so we’ll pick back up with our next issue on Monday where we’ll hit the Weekly Planning and Product WG meetings. Owl see y’all there!

Don’t forget to vote ahead of the weekend! Quorum for Q4 WG formation is 20 votes and a quorum-miss shifts formation to the more involved IIP process, so please vote and support the WGs you find valuable! Don’t DAO too hard this weekend!

Q4 WG VOTING IS LIVE; PLEASE VOTE HERE → Working Group Proposals [Digest]

Thank you for collating all of these proposals into a single post @gregdocter!!!

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Product Spotlight:

Design WG (9 attendees) notion | design request form
It’s looking pretty safe to say that the as-of-today the rebranded DWG, under the tutelage of @DevOnDeFi, will be blowing minds and making us the best-dressed DAO in DeFi for the remainder of the year! With a track-record of execution excellence, DWG will be using the runway that a WG structure provides to add some rocket-fuel to the video content being produced. With a stable of animated content wizards at the ready and the herculean goal of producing one high-quality video per week I expect we’ll be seeing some cool stuff popping up over the next few months. Some early thoughts around developing an agency-model that can service other DAOs looking to provide video content was discussed, perhaps eventually flipping the pod to a revenue generating prospect. @Static121 will be sharing some early ideas and strategy in the forum upon his return from Token 2049.

There was some discussion of the NFT Project that quickly identified the need to spin-up a cross-WG POD, likely with PWG, GMWG, and POCWG. Given that Index Coop is likely to be at the forefront of utilizing NFTs to help organize this will likely be one of the more ambitious Q4 initiatives. Ongoing discussion can be found in the #owl-nft channel on discord. Otherwise, @alerex is looking at revamping the app website as it’s still based on the Compound Finance model from last year.

Monday Meetings: (UTC/1-hr, UON)
1600 - Weekly Planning
1900 - Product WG
OOO: @Pepperoni_Joe thru Oct 8 (DRIs during absence ), @LemonadeAlpha thru Oct 8,
@oneski22: stepping back from day-to-day

Daily DAOwlpha: By Spring 2022 - I fully expect 50% of active Index Coop contributors to be women. At this point the momentum is simply unstoppable :rocket: - @BigSky7 on Twitter

- @mel.eth