The sCoop - Contributor Newsletter - 2021.11.09 Tuesday

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We had a jammed day here at The Coop with back to back meetings covering Institutional Business, Analytics, and Wizardry. I got to hang with the Asia+Pacific WG in their native time zone last night and will cover those bi-weekly meetings as well. The Token Terminal Index was presented via recorded community call that should be posted soon, and TOC met for Tuesday Tea Time.

Tomorrow we go back-to-back, starting with a Conversation hosted by @Crypto_Texan with Arif Khan of Alethea (check. this. out.), move on over to Business Development, and then on to . . .

. . . the Leadership Forum that is not to be missed! You’ve been hearing a lot about Index 2.0 and may have even contributed to these efforts - tomorrow we get to see what some of those parts look like as a whole. @Pepperoni_Joe and a lot of keen Owls have head their beaks to the grindstone putting together the best possible version of a decision-making framework for this DAO that balances speed and efficacy; all Owls should attend if possible. I’ll drop the pre-reading that @kindeagle pulled-together in the comments below. See you there!


Product Spotlight:

Asia+Pacific WG (15 attendees)
If you’re not in the APAC region and find yourself awake, it’s certainly worth swooping in as @pujimak_in gets all the eastern-hemisphere Owls aligned and amped! The sCoop will be coving these meetings in-person going forward. There has never been a shortage of Owls pulling the nightshift in meetings that fall within daytime hours regularly; y’all meet us where we’re at, we’re going to endeavor to do the same.

@Lanks worked with Coinmarket Cap to get DPI listed in its propoer rank-order, as it was languishing in the 3,000s due to a buggy $1.8MM AUM calculation (as opposed to ~235MM) and now sits in its proper place on their site at, No. 304 at the time of publication; nicely done. @Ronster928 has been organizing local meetups and leveraging toastmasters connections to find a rather captive audience of the crypto-curios and spoke a bit on the benefits of leveraging existing networks to raise awareness.

While @Don-ETH acknowledged that most Filipinos are English speaking, APWG is looking to work with LOWG to expand further. @Louisaraj noted that the current contribution-needs vary by region within APAC and that there is a need to increase the number of contributors in general as there is drop-off during the transition from New Joiner to Owl. Otherwise APWG will be test-driving Coordinape (coordination tooling) ahead of proposing coop-wide utilization; thanks for being at the tip of the spear on this!

Institutional Business WG (17 attendees) notion
The rabbit-hole is quite deep. - @Metfanmike

@fallow8 drove today and after reflecting on the HUGE listing of DPI on Coinbase Custody (for institutions) sights have turned and are locked onto increasing the IC><CB product presence, leveraging FOMO by exchanges not named Coinbase, and raising awareness that institutional DeFi investors have more options. Sometimes these things come together easily, sometimes @Metfanmike has to send some of his personal stash of DPI to a multi-billion-dollar organization so they can run some tests; thanks to all that got us here!

Otherwise @Metfanmike is in touch with the CFA Institute and looking to engage with and leverage their sophisticated member-base. Potential and hopeful (and hushed) listings and custody initiatives abound, but Norwegian vibes were in the air. @Eric_Tomaszewski has continued on the RIA front and @TheYoungCrews has been cracking on the financial planning side. @Airbayer highlighted that there is space for positive-sum efforts in-line with Bankless Academy as well.

Analytics WG (15 attendees) notion | dune | (bow-nus dune by @anthonyb.eth)
While liquidity was the main course it was more discussion than reporting, as this was very much a working-meeting; the tl;dr being that tools are still being build to give clear and real-time data on how easily IC products can be traded on-chain. @overanalyser highlighted that below a rather wide threshold of slippage most DeFi users aren’t likely to let slippage and NAV considerations affect purchase decisions.

@anthonyb.eth surfaced spinning-up an official IC Dune Dashboard - effectively collecting the most appropriate queries in one place that can be shared and relied on while presenting data more professionally. The scope of the subgraph project has come into sharper focus and some aspects may not be well-suited to in-house efforts; @jdcook is still working through the granular aspects.

Wednesday Meetings: (UTC/1-hr, UON)
1600 - Conversations with the Coop - Alethea - Arif Khan <> @Crypto_Texan
1700 - Business Development
1800 - Leadership Forum
OOO: @jdcook Nov 10-13, @ElliottWatts Nov 11-13, @emault Nov 13-19, @DocHabanero Nov 19-26, @Cavalier_Eth Nov 22-28 (getting hitched)

Daily DAOwlpha: Polygon is the growth strategy for next few months. It has a confluence of low fees, smart contract compatibility, and fiat onramp through dharma. - @TheYoungCrews




Thanks, @mel.eth for the great Tuesday rundown.

Here’s those resources in case anyone wants a late night cram session before Wednesday’s big Leadership Forum meeting:

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