The sCoop - Contributor Newsletter - 2021.12.07 Tuesday

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Today I ask @pujimak_in to forgive me for a coverage gap on the APAC WG meeting this morning, and hopefully some notes can be dropped or linked below.

Otherwise, a full Tuesday with Analytics and Institutional Business in their on-weeks for their open bi-weekly meetings. The F.Nest weekly AMA, Wizardry, and TOC Tea Time were all productive as well. Tomorrow, @Crypto_Texan hosts @Figue of Palladin on a subject that is both wildly interesting and challenging: lending and borrowing governance power. Rounding out the day will be BD and the Leadership Forum.



  • [AAVE]: Add G-UNI to Aave V2 AMM Market

Product | Launch | Liquidity:

Institutional Business (17 attendees)

Juuuust talking 'bout massive positive-sum partnerships with the IB Owls. APAC and IB have been like peas and carrots lately, and a refresh of the kucoin DPI listing is in the works as only about $50k of AUM lives there now. There was some good discussion by @fallow8 around Wintermute’s efforts to date, including providing seed liquidity for DATA, and around opening the door a little further on conversations with large exchanges. Bitgo is having a look at MVI, and nothing short of complete global reach is on the roadmap.

@karlosrios is still looking into off-chain wrappers and infrastructure, otherwise having some conversations that could move that needle. There is a forthcoming content partnership with OnRamp and IB are otherwise hard at work solving the custody and support challenges being faced by RIAs and Family Offices. @Static121 noted the importance of keeping those promoting products informed on timelines and general context around IBs planned actions; otherwise @shawn16400 is keen to go full-Owl at Permissionless in May.

Analytics (14 attendees)

Index Coop’s own oracles (OracOwls?) have been hard at work giving deeper and more contextualized insight allowing WGs and Owls to know the extent to which efforts to-date have been effective, and guide efforts moving forward. There has been a big push of late bring Dune queries together and create a database that will be helpful for new contributors.

The majority of the conversation was centered around a concern championed by @MrMadila around NAV decay within composite indices; @jackiepoo noted that some acceptable standards and best-practices are coming together. While rebalance and liquidity calculations have left @overanalyser questioning the nature of reality and decentralization, the main take-away seemed to be that AWG have the tools to inform a data-driven discussion around the impact to users of our products and more is expected as the conversation develops.

Otherwise, if you need to get some insight, the AWG meeting is a great place to build some context and get questions answered, otherwise ping @anthonyb.eth or @jdcook to learn more or contribute.

Wizardry (8 attendees)

I managed to dip in for the end of the Wizardry call and it appears that a guided onboard process flow is coming together and is somewhat modular so that improvement can be async and iterated on for improvement. If interested reach out to @edwardk to get the ball rolling on contribution.

TOC Tea Time (11 attendees)

Some light discussion today around protocol ownership, using NFTs to leverage expertise in decision making, and how to fund innovation were all discussed. This weekly touchpoint is a great way to get to know some fellow organizationally-minded Owls and stay current on TOC initiatives.

Wednesday Meetings: (UTC/1-hr, UON)
1600 - Conversations with the Coop - Romain from Paladin
1700 - Business Development
1800 - Leadership Forum

OOO: @catjam Nov 30 - Dec 10, @pujimak_in Dec 7-14

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