The sCoop - Contributor Newsletter - 2021.11.25 Thursday

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Happy Turkey Day to our :us:Owls, enjoy the :turkey:. Working Group meetings were put on pause while we all gave thanks around the :earth_asia:.

Tomorrow, the 3rd installment of ‘Fridays with the Coop’ goes live over on Twitter Spaces. So be sure to grab a piece of pumpkin pie (unless you’re @Miza), hit pause on ‘Planes, Trains & Automobiles’ and join @Alks4778 as she hosts @DarkForestCapital & @verto0912, our $MVI methodologists on our weekly Twitter Spaces.

No newsletter on Black Fridays, so if we don’t hear from you tomorrow on Spaces, have a wonderful weekend and see you on CyberMonday.

What’s Your Favorite Podcast/YouTube Channel?
APWG Tea Time (10 attendees)
Despite a holiday in the States, life goes on for the international divisions of the Index Coop. While Tea Times generally don’t get featured in sCoop, I wrapped up the last edition late into the evening (11 pm my time) and thought I’d join up with our fellow Owls in the APWG.

@Louisaraj led proceedings as the group started off the call providing some of their favorite podcasts and YouTube channels. @kohei plugged fellow Owl @chasechapman’s On The Other Side. While I shilled for Forefront, Modern Finance and Epicenter.

More than a few folks including @Louisaraj @emil_eth @aakansha were really into all things Bankless and excited to have them as a partner as well with the $BED token. @emil_eth also thought folks would find Tim Ferris’ into crypto to be interesting and worth a listen or watch. @dayz loves Uncommon Core.

After I hopped into bed, @bradwmorris jumped to the conversation and dropped his DAO reading library on the group. I’m sure that I haven’t remembered all the valuable resources shared so :point_down:t3:

Reply in the comments with your favorite DAO/Crypto/Random podcast or YouTube channel


  • :rotating_light:Wise Owls / Index Council Elections :rotating_light: - Check your email inbox for your Choice Voting ballot, if you need an assist contact: @sixtykeys

Product|Liquidity|Launch Spotlight:

  • UPDATE IIP-72: Redirect FLI Revenue to Operations Account @dylan
  • IIP-XX: Authorize the Investment Account for Aave, Compound, Balancer, Element Finance, Notional Strategies, Ribbon Finance and mStable @Finance.Nest
  • IIP-XX: : Index Coop Product Launch & Maintenance Gas Costs @dylan


Friday Meeting: (UTC/1-hr, UON)
2000 - ‘Fridays with the Coop’ talking $MVI on Twitter Spaces with @Alks4778 @DarkForestCapital @verto0912

Monday Meetings: (UTC/1-hr, UON)
1600 - Weekly Planning

OOO: @fallow8 Nov 24-26, @DocHabanero Nov 19-26, @Cavalier_Eth Nov 22-28 (getting hitched) , @mel.eth Nov 25 - Dec 2 (Reduced Avail. Thanksgiving/DCentral), @catjam Nov 30 - Dec 10 (@pujimak_in covering Weekly), @0xModene Dec 3-6, @pujimak_in Dec 7-14

Daily DAOwlpha: “Everyone is a DAO “master” until they start building one :rofl: - @carlosecgomes



Thanks Kindeagle for making minutes! It’s really helpful🙏

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Great to meet you, too @kohei. And don’t worry…


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