The sCoop - Contributor Newsletter - 2021.12.01 Wednesday

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Business Development WG threw it way back to the 1990s to make a point and highlighted their wins of the week. A review of the Index Council election and leadership workshop rounded out the day with some fruitful discussion and planning about the role of Wise Owls in helping the DAO gather momentum.

Tomorrow is a day of non-stop action starting with Gov Ops WG followed by Women + NB of Index & BD Office Hours sharing a time slot. The DWG Bi-Weekly follows them up along with @Crypto_Texan as he hosts a Conversation with the Coop featuring Leighton Cusack from PoolTogether. And last but not least, Growth lays out their latest wins and future campaigns.


Product|Liquidity|Launch Spotlight:


Mama Said Knock You Out

Business Development (23 attendees) notion | BDWG Dune by @anthonyb.eth
@Miza brought some Ladies Love Cool James/1990s swagger to kick off today’s call. So what if the price of $INDEX is a little down at the moment? We’re playing the long game…so “Don’t Call It A Comeback” when we start “Jingling Baby” when the NgU.

@Mringz reported that the product with Beta Finance is now live. He provided a walkthrough via screen share of what it looked like in the wild. A similar product will be launching on Vesper in ~2 weeks. Talks with EWG are in the works to see the scope needs to integrate with Instadapp. Forward progresses continues to be made with LongLong for Polygon vaults.

@Mringz touched a bit on BD joining the Growth Nest and looking forward to future collaborations/opportunities to continue ramping up Index product growth. @defimaxim made it known that he has connections to a few South American exchanges and was put in contact with @Metfanmike to follow up.

@Miza noted several deals in the DAO Treasury Diversification are nearing the later stages, including Sushi. If people have friends or contacts at other DAOs, a warm intro to @Miza and the team is always appreciated. @sira noted that he had spent some time in Alchemix’s Discord and was able to see past all the Pepe’s to discover that they had a strong interest in $GMI.

@funkmasterflex continues his efforts to develop open communication, education, and meetups with university blockchain clubs. Events were recently held with both UC Berkeley Blockchain and the University of Waterloo Blockchain (yes, that’s where Vitalik went to school…for a bit.)

One Small Step For The Coop

Leadership Forum (30 attendees) slides
An overall sense of relief and optimism for the future was vibe as the contributors of Index Coop met up for the first Leadership Forum post-Index Council Election. With a highly-respected group of Owls looking out for the best interests of the DAO, this hour served as a chance for sharing ideas and planning for the future as we move forward with a new leadership structure.

@Lavi reminded everyone to get out to vote on Snapshot for the record # of IIPs (9) and two recently added MetaGovernance decisions to be made. The IIPs vote ends at 1700 UTC on Thursday.

@Pepperoni_Joe provided an update about the fee split framework with future methodologists.

  • 60/40 Fee Split post gas cost (IC/methodologist)
  • Gas cost was the largest expense for IC
  • This has been recommended for $LDI, $PAY and $GMI
    • $GMI is recommended at 50/10/40 (IC/Lemonade/Bankless) for a 2 year period, then 60/40 split
  • External to fee split is: launch options and incentives will vary over time

To make sure there was no confusion over the Index Council election results, @Pepperoni_Joe walked us through the different states of the single transferable vote process. A big congrats to those 7 elected Wise Owls: @Matthew_Graham @LemonadeAlpha @Cavalier_Eth @jdcook @Metfanmike @Pepperoni_Joe & @mel.eth

Next, breakout rooms were gathered to consider what we believe the Index Council should work on directly vs. what we believe the Index Council should delegate to another Nest, Pod, or Group?

Within @jdcook’s group, the idea is that the Index Council is not just a delegation body but the Owls with the most context and experience to help guild the overall strategy. By setting priorities focused on building great products, we’ll be better positioned to become a more efficient, successful DAO. This includes granting decisions within WG legitimacy and function as a DAO within DAO. Developing L2 strategies, managing and growing positive relationships with major partners (Set, DeFi Pulse) so we are in lockstep with them and ready to execute rapidly on major growth opportunities.

@mrvls_brkfst can’t wait for Index 3.0 and @afromac true intentions were revealed as he wants Product to wield unlimited power…not really…but he sees value for them to have the final decision making left to them. @Abel discussed by now having the Index Council; we now have a group that can source and evaluate potential M&A or major DAO to DAO collaboration opportunities.

@Pepperoni_Joe provided a brief overview of the budget request process moving forward.

The question of “wen $INDEX NgU” or if that’s even that’s a metric that we should focus on was brought up and discussed. @Metfanmike and a few others tried to recenter the discussion on better ways to measure our success beyond the price of $INDEX. Yes, tokenomics are essential and will be addressed. We’ll very likely have a Liquidity Pod working in concert with the Index Council to help resolve this and other macro issues within Index Coop moving forward.

Thursday Meetings: (UTC/1-hr, UON)
1500 - Governance Operations WG Meeting
1600 - Women + NB of Index WG
1600 - BD Office Hours (discord: BD Office Hours :chart_with_upwards_trend:)
1700 - DWG Bi-Weekly Meeting
1700 - Conversations with the Coop - Leighton Cusack from PoolTogether @Crypto_Texan

OOO: @mel.eth Nov 29-Dec 2 (DCentral - Miami), @catjam Nov 30 - Dec 10 (@pujimak_in covering Weekly), @0xModene Dec 3-6, @pujimak_in Dec 7-14

Daily DAOwlpha: Effective DAO onboarding in a nutshell → “Tell me, and I forget, teach me, and I may remember, involve me, and I learn.” - Benjamin Franklin - @gordongould

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