The sCoop - Contributor Newsletter - 2021.11.30 Tuesday

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Election results, get your election results! Along with the naming of the Index Council, Tuesday was a day of open discussions and Tea Times here at The Coop. @Finance.Nest, Wizardry, and TOC took the spotlight as workgroup leads, contributors and those new to Index Coop asked questions, shared their experiences and worked on issues facing the DAO.

On Wednesday, BD serves up news about their latest wins/initiatives, and with all the votes cast, Index Council/Wise Owl election results should be on the docket for the Leadership Forum.


Product|Liquidity|Launch Spotlight:

Election Results: Index Council

The Index Council Election has concluded. Fourteen candidates were nominated and the following seven were selected to fill the available seats on the Index Council. Let’s give a round of applause for the new Index Council members:

@LemonadeAlpha - Growth Nest
@metfanmike - Growth Nest
@Pepperoni_Joe - People Nest
@Cavalier_Eth - Technical Nest
@jdcook - Technical Nest
@Matthew_Graham - Finance Nest
@mel.eth - Governance Nest

Results and a breakdown of the voting system used for the Election can be found in the link used to vote in your email. Shout out to @sixtykeys for his time and efforts coordinating this election

Come On, Come On, Listen to the Money Talk - AC/DC

F.Nest- Money Talks (8 attendees)
@Matthew_Graham @ElliottWatts and the Financial Nest have set up this weekly availability to answer Coop questions and discuss all things finance with the community. If you’d like help within your WG or would like better to understand the current objectives of the Finance Nest be sure to stop by on an upcoming Tuesday,

To kick things off today, @ElliottWatts provided an overview of the current @Finance.Nest IIPs that are up for a vote in the forum. With the current environment of high gas fees, creating low-cost pathways for payments and transactions is a high priority. And instead of treasury sitting stagnant in our vaults, IIP-114 was put forth today’soy assets into productive low volatility yield asset strategies.

Wrapping up the call, @Matthew_Graham & @MrMadila discussed budgeting and ways of faciliatating contribution reward payment with minimal gas fees.

Apeing Into Coop.Tax

Wizardy (6 attendees) slides
Wizardy is a community and program within Index Coop to onboard new engineers and build Index Coop engineering strength. Those who take part in the program have the opportunity to gain additional context and become a part of EWG.

@blockdev kicked things off on today’s call for Wizardy by providing an overview of the current team and objective for the program. Recent projects for those that join this WG include:

  • (aka the secret Polygon project) was recently revealed and will serve as a real-world playground for training Wizards along with the core team of contributors
  • Work on the Liquidity Analyzer pt.2 continues - Measuring liquidity for entire indexes and tools for efficient rebalances.*

Along with getting involved with these projects and completing tasks, the main objectives of the program are to:

  1. Enable part-time engineering contributors to complete meaningful work
  2. Allow contributors to test if they like Index Coop
  3. Facilitate committed contributors to learn about web3, and move towards smart contract development

Big in Japan

TOC Tea Time (14 attendees)
TOC Tea Time is a weekly opportunity for those new to the Coop to ask questions related to the path from community member to contributor at Index Coop. This weekly session provides additional context and nuance to the interworkings of the DAO, so members of Index Coop feel informed and supported.

@MazyGio discussed about his transition from web2 to web3. While initially applying and hoping to get an internship at Index Coop, he remained in our forum even after not being selected. He also spent time in Element Finance and spent a lot of time in the Discord and learning about their protocol. They took notice and recently asked him to join them full-time. He’s now making the leap into a full-time web3. He said the combination of excitement around web3 and stability of the position made taking the leap of faith a no brainer for him. Congrats @MazyGio!

@kohei is in NYC for the month so if you’re an Empire State Owl, be on the look out. He and @shugo are trying to establish Index Coop in the Japanese market. @mrvls_brkfst set them up with a Twitter account. A potential blocker for them is some new crypto legislation in Japan. They’re consulting with a lawyer soon to better understand the legalities. He also mentioned that the concept and Information about DAOs is a popular right now in Japan. Not a lot of Japanese people have participated but there is interest in this topic and about education related to DAOs.

@bradwmorris reiterated the importance of not dropping potential projects especially around the topics of Index Coop members placed on podcasts for Talent/Growth. @TheYoungCrews mentioned that him and @LemonadeAlpha are working hard on the Growth side of this and @Pepperoni_Joe will appear on @chasechapman’s podcast in January. Collaboration with DAO native tooling providers was another partnership that could provide a number of benefits.

Wednesday Meetings: (UTC/1-hr, UON)
1700 - Business Development
1800 - Leadership Forum

OOO: @mel.eth Nov 29-Dec 2 (DCentral), @catjam Nov 30 - Dec 10 (@pujimak_in covering Weekly), @0xModene Dec 3-6, @pujimak_in Dec 7-14

Daily DAOwlpha: When building DAOs/or anything decentralized, what matters more is the quality and sophistication of your active network participants as opposed to short term userbase and revenue. web2 = optimising for users and revenue. web3 = optimising for long term value + a better service - @pet3rpan




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