The sCoop - Contributor Newsletter - 2022.01.03 Monday

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2022 is here! The Year of the Owl kicked off with our Weekly Standup followed by a Product WG meeting as we ease back into things in the new year.

Tomorrow is packed full of meetings, beginning with APAC’s Biweekly Sync and ending with a TOC Tea Time. The start of the year is a great chance to make good on those DAO-related resolutions and get involved with a group you’ve always wanted to join!


Product | Launch | Liquidity | Governance:

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2022: The Year of the Owl

Weekly Stand Up (46 attendees) slides

It’s 2022, and we’re back to our routine, beginning with a reminder of our guiding principles by @catjam. @anthonyb.eth kicked the year off with some core KPIs: We’re at $349m AUM with some outflows at the end of the year, but net flow is positive at the beginning of this new year. Revenue is close to $20k with the ETH2x-FLI-P.

@sixtykeys covered a big update in the Governance Nest: IIP-118: Priority Hiring Guidelines and directional commitment to the DSM & Airdrop has passed. @Pepperoni_Joe excitedly noted that votes totaled 100% “for.” Additionally, if you’re interested in tokenomics, check out YIP-65: Evolving YFI Tokenomics. Another big success for GovOps is their robust IIP tracker going back all the way to the first Snapshot posted. They’re set to stand up similar trackers for MetaGovernance and Product soon.

@afromac announced that instead of individually sending each product to DG1 and DG2, GovOps is putting upcoming FLI products (BTC FLI, iBTC FLI, iETH FLI and iMATIC FLI) in a batch (IIP-119) now on Snapshot ready for voting. Shoutout to @shawn16400 for his work on some soon-to-be-published articles around MetaGov and delegation. And look out for some jobs and bounties available on their Notion page.

@jujube let us know about the upcoming 3-day Index 101 Workshop hosted by Women + NB, People, Growth and Education to take place in mid-January. Updates to follow.

@DocHabanero updated us on the plan to get at least 3 products out in: $GMI, $MATIC-2x-P and $LDI, all of which have passed voting in Snapshot. @jujube is calling this the “Index Coop Expansion Pack.” Thanks to @LemonadeAlpha for powering through all the launch requirements for $GMI, coming out on Wednesday, January 5th, and also for coming up with the product name $JPG, which @JosephKnecht is hard at work on.

@edwardk explained the successes of the Engineering Working Group: $GMI token contract is live as is $GMI staking contract (and will be funded today or tomorrow with $250k INDEX for month 1 and $125k INDEX for month 2 of rewards. Check out the $GMI product page Wednesday morning for more info. These big moves were made possible through a massive team effort by EWG: @FlattestWhite @christn @blockdev @dylan @tradernoah and Set Labs, thank you!

Even on the break, the Growth & Marketing WG still worked socials. @caf was happy to report on the success of the Christmas campaign: 2500 entries, 246 newsletter signups, 233 Twitter follows, 20.5% conversion rate, and in the whole of December, 800k Twitter Impressions. Shoutout to @Static121 for editing the community video. Mark your calendar on Wednesday for a Twitter Spaces and a Discord party celebrating the launch of $GMI.

From LanguageOps WG, ETH2x-FLI-P launched in Chinese, French, Russian, Spanish, Swedish, and Turkish.

As for Design, @Static121 informed us that the new YouTube channel is ready to go, with the plan being posts on a weekly cadence for 2022. @seblavoie has created an automated animation for Twitter price updates, relieving quite a bit of manual updating by @NFTZach.

@Metfanmike had some updates in Institutional Business. BitGo now supports Index Coop’s full thematic product suite (MVI, DATA, BED and DPI). The announcement of this partnership was pushed to this week on Medium and Twitter. Upcoming events include a BitGo co-hosted DeFi webinar on January 19 and the OnRamp webinar on January 26. Also, we signed a partnership with CB Insights/Blockdata that will include two research pieces sent out to their entire retail and institutional user bases over the course of 2022.

Q4 just ended. @ElliottWatts concluded the call, announcing a big success for the @Finance.Nest: $400k was deposited into the Balancer Boosted Pools, which is expected to earn over $60k per year in interest, or around 14% APY. Contributor rewards were processed on December 24th. They’re continuing to work on compiling an Index Coop-wide budget for the year. And shoutout to @Matthew_Graham and @prairiefi for working on NYE to make the first portion of Index Coop USDC productive!

New Year, New Products

Product Working Group (16 attendees) slides

There are very few products in DeFi that cover the total market, and they’re all synthetic. @JosephKnecht announced that this means that MCAP would be the very first physical total market cap index product. Because of the constraints of working with a small number of tokens, the list of tokens has been expanded to include many alt L1s, like AVAX, SOL, NBN and ATOM. DG1 proposal has been posted on the forum. An MCAP community call is being scheduled, and draft slides are here.

$JPG is moving forward with hopes for a February launch thanks to the work on liquidity issues by @JosephKnecht, @overanalyser and @DocHabanero. @JosephKnecht made adjustments to PRD which reduces exchange issuance slippage to <0.9% (goal is <1%). The final product will likely have high price-NAV deviation.

@DocHabanero relayed updates from the Composite Indices Pod including the scheduled January 5th launch of $GMI. They are preparing for $LDI’s launch process after its recent pass through DG2. They are waiting for timelines from EWG on $JPG and $PAY. And they’re looking for personnel to research and develop new product ideas, work with external methodologists to onboard new products, manage monthly rebalances, and enhance onboarding processes.

@afromac explained some personnel changes in the Automated Indices Pod. @allan.g will co-lead the pod, @seb will take on product management and @sidhemraj will take over FLI risk management.

If voting on IIP-119 DG1 expresses an appetite to move quickly with the launch of products, the pod would seek further ways to expedite this process (in addition to this being the first proposal to include multiple products). The products in IIP-119 are functionally identical with slightly different primary space around what the underlying asset is.

The team is evaluating meta-structured products ($OPTION, $REAL, $BOND and $STAKE) now. They have an initial proposal, IIP-115, on the forum for $OPTION using Ribbon protocol.

Liquidity Pod Lead @overanalyser said that BED-ETH and ETH2x-FLI-P has decreased in value since entry, and the pod will look at pulling that liquidity soon. Underlying liquidity was shared with methodologists before Christmas, and he is planning on holding a call on January 10 at 20:00 UTC to discuss this. He also provided this Doodle poll for pod meeting times in the new year.

Tuesday Meetings: (UTC/1-hr, UON)
0400 - APAC || Biweekly Sync
1500 - Institutional Business
1600 - Analytics Working Group
1600 - Money Talks F.Nest AMA :moneybag:
1900 - Wizardry Weekly Call
2000 - TOC Tea Time

OOO: @lee0007 Dec 24-Jan 5, @alerex Dec 23-Jan 7, @dylan Jan 3-9

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