The sCoop - Contributor Newsletter - 2022.01.04 Tuesday

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4 meetings kicked off the first Tuesday of the Year of the Owl. As changes within IC continue to happen, highlights include discussions about the future of partnerships, contributor and customer education, and contributor onboarding and offboarding processes.



Product | Launch | Liquidity:

Contribution Opportunity:

  • Guest write for Zapper Learn for a DeFi-related topic that you understand. Send the topic in the #content-production channel in Discord for community feedback before you start writing. See details and examples here.
  • Growth and Marketing Nest needs LinkedIn marketers and growth hackers to build relationships TradFi and IC and generate awareness for future events. Contact @TheYoungCrews.
  • The Merch Store is in the works! They’re looking for someone knowledgeable about Shopify fulfillment options to help out. Once again, reach out to @TheYoungCrews!

Partnerships Galore

Institutional Business (22 attendees)

New partnerships are here! The first is with Blockdata, the crypto-focused subsidiary of CB Insights. They’re going to be putting together 2 pieces of content in 2022: (1) a spotlight on Index Coop distributed to Blockdata’s 10k+ subscribers and CB Insights’s 750k+ subscribers and (2) a roundup specific to Blockdata subscribers incorporating takes from key partners and customers. Website content will go live for Q2. Also look out for an OnRamp Webinar on January 26th.

Leading with our flagship product DPI has served IBWG and lead @Metfanmike last year. Custodian partnerships were established with Coinbase, Fireblocks, and Komainu. With the help of @TheYoungCrews and @Eric_Tomaszewski, IBWG created content partnerships with OnRamp, HeightZero, and CFA Institute. We struck a partnership with market maker Wintermute that has keyed us up for exchange listings.

Goals for 2022 include securing Tier 1 central exchanges (CEX) listings for our products and $INDEX, filling remaining gaps on the map to achieve majority coverage for products, leveraging content to drive conversions and increase Index Coop legitimacy via conferences, written content and events, and making a decision on whether to use an off-chain distribution strategy.

AWG: Potential Bounty Hunters

Analytics Working Group (14 attendees)

@jdcook explained his 4 current tasks: creating a budget, working on the restructuring plan from WGs to nests/pods, solidifying the liquidity proposal (quick update on that: it’s likely liquidity will be deployed into a private vault and managed by Gamma by the end of this week) and refactoring how we do unit exposure.

@anthonyb.eth and @jackiepoo are working on the Liquidity Manifesto with the goal of getting it out ASAP. They’re updating IC’s Dune account to make writing queries easier for current workflows and getting new contributors involved simpler. Reach out to @anthonyb.eth if you’re interested in helping document user-generated views.

The new joiner onboarding process is a strength of IC, but specific contributions are less clearly defined. The group also discussed creating a new contributor onboarding process, perhaps through a Notion board with bounties specifying skill level required for the task and compensation associated with it. Thus far, things have gotten done mostly on an ad hoc basis in which people take incentive to ask for things to do rather than responding to formal bounties. While a more formal bounty board may be valuable for organizational purposes in the Coop, the current informal style that requires contributors to take initiative and find ways to help may relieve significant offboarding duties from leads unsatisfied with the work of less trusted bounty takers. @jackiepoo suggested a permissioned bounty board that functioned like a group of freelancers, each of whom was known and trusted by the Analytics WG.

Some Educational Tea

TOC Tea Time (9 attendees)
The first TOC Tea Time of the new year included faces old and new. Conversations centered around 2 topics: why IC partners with companies to support of DPI before supporting $INDEX and what the future of education in the Coop looks like.

We also discussed the future of education materials made by or used by IC. OdysseyDAO makes simple educational materials for web3 and DeFi—contributors mentioned using these to distribute to newbies or to learn themselves. @TheYoungCrews suggested using OdysseyDAO’s materials as top-of-funnel education for absolute beginners and eventually partnering with OdysseyDAO and sending new joiners lacking education their way. Once people are interested in purchasing our products, we could provide them with our own educational content. @bradwmorris noted the things IC should have natively: tutorials and guides on things directly related to IC, like the fastest way to get from fiat to our products. Related to new joiner education, @shawn16400 recommended some kind of mentorship program for new joiners interested in learning from experienced contributors. The newly formed Education Pod led by @StepvhenH is meeting Thursday to discuss ideas regarding the future of education in the Coop.

Wednesday Meetings: (UTC/1-hr, UON)
1700 - Business Development
1800 - Leadership Forum

OOO: @lee0007 Dec 24-Jan 5, @alerex Dec 23-Jan 7, @dylan Jan 3-9

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I found this especially useful coming off of the break. I still try and make meetings, but increasingly I’m using sCoop as a daily compass to make sure I know how the pieces of this DAO connect and flow. This should be required reading and is by far the most valuable coordination tool this DAO currently produces daily. Awesome to see the sCoop family of writers growing!


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