The sCoop - Contributor Newsletter - 2021.12.14 Tuesday

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The F.Nest weekly Money Talks and TOC Tea Time took center stage and provided great open forums for the community. @Finance.Nest has been cranking out a lot of IIPs, and insightful reports of late, and TOC provided a excellent opportunity for new joiners to understand our DAO better.

Wednesday, there will be a Comms/PR community call to explore opportunities/needs, and BD will bring the energy as always. We’ll get an Index Council update at Leadership Forum and wrap up the day with People Nest: Welcome Part Deux .



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Whole Lotta Stablecoin

F.Nest Money Talks (7 attendees)
@ElliottWatts led off the call and provided a round-up of recent efforts undertaken by the @Finance.Nest. Last week, they published quite a lot of content, which including a post about Budget vs. Actuals, Finance Nest November Update and a November 2021 Financial Report.

@Matthew_Graham shared that @Finance.Nest is developing a dashboard to better share financial metrics with the community. So they’re working on a few tweaks being pulled out from those Dune dashboards. Highlighting to the market what he believes are some of Index Coop’s strong metrics that are often overlooked.

He went on to discuss stablecoin yield strategies for Index Coop. For communities with our risk profile, we’ve got a list of protocols we can invest in. And then, we are able to allocate funding across those protocols. We don’t have a vast array of investment options, but there are a few which you give generous yields.

@Matthew_Graham provided a great example of why diversification across protocols is vital. “Let’s say you deploy five strategies, and they’re all using Aave under the hood. And then something goes wrong with all five; your strategies suffer. So then you’ve got to think about going, what if this protocol fails? Where does that leave us? And what you find out is you end up spreading all your different strategies through very different protocols. Any one of these protocols can blow up right now, and we’re safe. This is why diversification is so important so you can inform the community that everything’s fine.”

“Wanna tell you a story about (a stablecoin) I know…” - AC/DC

Joining A DAO Is Like Moving To A New City

TOC Tea Time (14 attendees)
@bradwmorris and the People Nest welcomed new faces to today’s TOC Tea Time. @bradyneal asked several insightful questions about the onboarding process and path to contribution that led to a lively, informative discussion.

With his background in AI, @bradyneal has specific questions around the onboarding process and creating tools for automation. Proving they are more than the Coop’s meme masters, @TheYoungCrews and @0xMitz shared their thoughts about DAO contributorship and how specific skills sets can scale across DAOs. It’s more of an opportunity for some roles than others, as I shared that trying to run communications for 2 DAOs wasn’t possible.

@bradwmorris shared his thoughts on how joining a DAO is like moving to a new city. It can take a while to build trust, gain context and find where your skills can best provide value. Even if you’ve been in the DAO for a time, all are welcome to share their DAO experiences with new joiners and might find it helpful to reset back to the beginner’s mind.

Wednesday Meetings: (UTC/1-hr, UON)
1600 - Comms/PR - Community Call
1700 - Business Development
1800 - Leadership Forum
2100 - People Nest - Workshop Part Deux

OOO: @Lavi Dec 23-27, Dec 29-Jan 3

Daily Owlpha:The best DAO contributors are not motivated by money, they’re motivated by ownership.” - @Flynnjamm




cant get enough of the ol “joining a new dao is a lot more like moving to a new city than starting a new job” line from @bradwmorris!


Absolutely milking that one. It’s not even mine - stolen from Zhang @FWB