The sCoop - Contributor Newsletter - 2022.01.31 Monday

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Kicking off the week, we held our Weekly Standup, featuring newly arranged slides that reflect our restructure, followed by Product Nest’s biweekly call including updates from 3 of its pods.

Tomorrow, F.Nest will talk tokenomics in Money Talks on Discord. Analytics Pod’s biweekly meeting happens at the same time, 16:00 UTC. Finally, come chat with C.Nest’s at Tea Time: 20:00 UTC on Discord.




Index 2.0 has made it to the slides!

Weekly Stand Up (45 attendees) slides

Today is a big one: The slides have been reorganized to reflect Index 2.0’s Nest-Pod structure! Good news: the now-streamlined presentation took about 40 minutes. We’re doing a new telephone-style contributor shoutout at the beginning of Weekly Standup. This week’s goes to @Pepperoni_Joe from @mel.eth. Thank you, Joe, for being “the absolute heart and soul of this DAO” and for his patience, leadership, and guidance through the restructuring process. This means that Joe will shoutout another contributor next week.

First, @anthonyb.eth is up with core KPIs: AUM is up from last week’s $168m to $183m this week. Revenue is down at $54k this week as opposed to last week’s $83k. N$F was down $3.9m, mostly from $DPI. (Note: the numbers on the slides this week have not been updated). If there’s things you want to see in the Core KPIs slide, reach out to @anthonyb.eth.

Community Nest @Pepperoni_Joe @bradwmorris

The C.Nest proposal has been shared with the Index Council and @Finance.Nest and will be presented during Wednesday’s Leadership Forum. Other successes include synergies between C.Nest and G.Nest: the continued rollout of Notion in each as well as the Community Pod’s vision for Attribution Strategy between the two nests. Shoutout to @kindeagle for working hard to keep Growth and Community closely aligned around a united content strategy.

Finance Nest @Matthew_Graham @ElliottWatts

  • 4 pods:
    • Operations & Payroll
    • Accountability
    • Investment Account
    • Tokenomics

Some updates from pods: Contributor rewards were distributed on Saturday. Revenue Fee Collection contracts have all been called today for Month’s End Reporting. Contributor Rewards 2.0 post will hit the forum this week. Financial Reports are all coming with the month close: Revenue for the month was $170k while contributor spend was north of $500k, so this month’s report may look a bit grim. Funds in the Investment Account have been deployed. And tomorrow, they’re discussing tokenomics in the weekly Money Talks chat on Discord. F.Nest has reached out to 1kx to discuss ideas for what they have in mind (to avoid a situation in which they, as a deciding vote, vote against a proposal). Also, the Coop is looking at taking on debt to fill liquidity needs and relying on revenue streams to pay it back over time. Updates to follow.

F.Nest’s OKR’s include (1) publishing a financial report within 10 days of month end, (2) all funds help within the Investment Account deployed productively, and (3) greater than 18 months of stable coin holding runway.

Governance Nest @mel.eth

Current priorities center around the Nest proposal and providing feedback on other proposals. AAVE-57 (ENJ parameter changes) was executed. IIP-128 has passed; congratulations to all priority hires. IIP-127 (Launch the Layer 2 Index) passed DG1. Special thanks to all of GovNest for their work on the Nest proposal. The nest will get into OKRs next week.

Growth Nest @metfanmike

Thursday’s Growth Community Call explored pod-level strategy; a recording is available here. Growth continues to work on their Nest proposal and budget for presentation to F.Nest.

Updates from pods: DPI was successfully listed on Aave Polygon. MATIC parameters were updated, making MATIC2xFLI now possible. BD is also updating AVAX parameters to enable FLIs. IB is celebrating a successful webinar with Onramp (replay here) that collected 197 emails of financial advisers. Shoutout to @coolhorsegirl for LinkedIn amplification. @marshmellow has submitted the first draft of Season 1’s content slate and it is set to be finalized by the end of next week. Finally, a reminder that Language Accelerator Grants have a soft deadline of February 2nd.

Product Nest @DocHabanero

A new budget, strategy, and compensation is being finalized this week and will be posted to the forum. Recent updates on the Product Roadmap: $LAYER2 passed DG1, $MCAP failed DG1, and $LDI passed DG2. $PDI PRD was reviewed by Engineering Pod. Cheers @abacas for onboarding to Product Pod and to @JosephKnecht for leading the conversation on Composite Product Profitability Initiative (to be posted to the forum soon).

Product Nest OKRs include: (1) target of $100m in AUM growth per quarter, (2) 4 products launched per quarter, (3) TBC unit supply growth per quarter, and (4) 70% contribution margin for products.

From Automated Indices, we’re a “go” on 3 FLI launches next week: iETH, MATIC, and iMATIC. Thank you @jdcook and @Matthew_Graham for sourcing seed liquidity. Ongoing methodology refinement and market validation is being conducted for $FIXED and $REAL.

Along the product pipeline they go…

Product Nest (13 attendees) slides

The biweekly Product Nest meeting will cover updates from 3 of Product Nest’s pods: Composite Indices, Automated Indices, and Liquidity.

First up is @DocHabanero with updates from Composite Indices Pod. A number of product updates with highlights being: for $MCAP, they’re addressing comments by 1kx; for $PAY, they’re working with Set to develop capabilities with the possibility of additional time in R&D; for $LAYER1 Index, forum post and community has been completed; $JPG and $PDI are in PRD development. Management-wise, they’re looking to enhance their market research and validation process. Formalized insights on product profitability will be posted to the forum this week, and they’re in the process of drafting a 2022 Strategy and Budget. They’re looking for a GTM Manager; reach out to @DocHabanero if you know someone.

Automated Indices Pod is focused on 3 products: FLI, $FIXED, and $REAL. MATIC and iMATIC will launch February 9 and iETH will launch on February 11. Aave ARC will update AVAX risk parameter with a vote soon. As for $FIXED, they’re finalizing V1 strategy to be signed off by Engineering Pod. An outreach to DAO treasuries is happening this week, led by BD Pod. AI Pod will conclude Market Validation and Technical Feasibility before they hold a community call and vote for $FIXED. For $REAL, Photons Capital is working on an updated strategy; AI Pod has received good feedback from protocol partners.

Liquidity Pod is excited that IIP-125, their budget request, has passed. Zk Argent liquidity has been deployed. They are looking to migrate user liquidity to managed v3 positions and to support the new FLI product launch next week. Their Notion is available here.

As for DAO tooling, the website, including new features and a new UX is live! They’re taking a phased approach with MVP. Check out the Product Release Plan here.

Tuesday Meetings: (UTC/1-hr, UON)
1600 - Money Talks F.Nest AMA :moneybag:
1600 - Analytics Pod Meeting
2000 - Community Nest Tea Time

Daily DAOwlpha: A DAO can have an infinite amount of CEOs, or none. That’s the beauty. - @rafa0



Daily DAOwlpha: A DAO can have an infinite amount of CEOs, or none. That’s the beauty. - @rafa0

^so precious few understand the power of nodes that are as infinitely agile as humans being able to coordinate strategically, with trust, at a global scale. we’ve basically unlocked [y/n] so far; it’s gonna get fun

Happy 6 months!!! This was such a good issue; thank you for this level of coverage. I don’t think I could have done it on my best day so just wow and thanks :blush: