The sCoop - Contributor Newsletter - 2022.02.10 Thursday

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Today, Gov Nest opened the day with their biweekly call. Women+NB also held their biweekly catchup.

Tomorrow, @TheYoungCrews hosts DeFridays with the Coop, this time with Joey Santoro of $FEIxTribeDAO. As per, a POAP is available for all attendees. Remember, collect all 12 DeFriday POAPS and you’ll be rewarded.



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GovNest takes FLIght

Governance Nest (14 attendees) notion

Recall that GovNest meets biweekly on Thursdays at 10am EST. GovNest has 3 Pods: GovOps (led by @sixtykeys), GovComms (led by @shawn16400), GovDesk (led by @Lavi). Update on Gov’s Nest Proposal: They’re working through comment from @Finance.Nest and will present the proposal to the Council by the end of next week.

Quick Pod updates: GovComms is working on a content calendar and a prototype dashboard. The proposal for Protocol Ambassador Program led by @puncar in partnership with hit the forum imminently. Lastly, nominations are live for the MGC Committee.

They finished with a new feature of meetings: GovLoop, where the group chats about a provocative topic in governance to capture issues/ideas/feedback and trigger action. This week’s was the scope of governance, with a Jamboard on which the group brainstormed which decision-making topics need improvement.

@mel.eth, who once lived out of a Ford Mustang for 6 months, has a podcast episode coming out tomorrow on I Pledge Allegiance! It will be available on Spotify and Apple Music.

W+NB is back, baby

Women + NB in Index (4 attendees)

Women+NB is back with regularly scheduled meetings. Two meetings, alternating weekly:

  • Thursdays @ 11am EST: Standup/Ops meeting on Google Meets
  • Tuesdays @ 5pm EST: Vibe sesh/community-building on Twitter Spaces

W+NB has joined Community Nest’s Community Pod. They will focus on external partnerships, events, networking, and community engagement. They will also take on a supporting role for JEDI (Justice, Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion) initiatives across the Coop. How is this difference from DEI (without the J)? When you center justice as part of DEI, you acknowledge some of the systemic barriers that come into creating an environment that supports DEI.

W+NB has been active on Twitter Spaces: monthly Female Founders AMA hosted by @Lfeld and @anay and biweekly Vibe Sesh with @chasechapman and @Regan. They’re working with web3 Baddies on a future series; reach out to @chasechapman if you’re interested in helping. As for these JEDI talks, W+NB is working with Community to approve budgeting for a potential partnership with The Ready and they’re tentatively planning a Kickoff Session for March 2nd. More to follow on that soon.

Friday Meetings: (UTC/1-hr, UON)
2100 - ‘DeFridays with the Coop’ with Joey Santoro from FEI Protocol and TribeDAO (on Twitter Spaces)

DAOwlpha: “There is no other industry in the world that lets you launch with an idea and then build the product once other people agree with it. We’ve created a place where dreaming isn’t just acceptable; it’s necessary.” - @OhhShiny

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