Virtual Event hosted by Blockchain At McGill

Dear everyone,

Hope you are all doing well.

On the 21st of November, Blockchain at McGill will be hosting an all-round introductory course to the Blockchain technology and having the Index Coop team with us in support would do wonders in spurring excitement for the event. I am happy to announce that Simon (BigSky7) agreed to be a speaker at the event.

We are currently looking for sponsors, and if the Index Coop would be so kind as to show BAM support it would be the start of a long enduring relationship with Blockchain At McGill with exclusive access to our research, proof of concept projects or any project the index coop would like assistance with.

Rani Abou
Index Coop Contributor
Head of Research, Blockchain At McGill


Hi Rani

Welcome to Index Coop! Please DM me, I am Mr Madila on discord.