Would be POAP for IC?

Last week I joined a survey from Bankless and I was awarded a POAP, a nifty badge, that I have attended the survey.
It is stored on xDAI and I was unable to manage to get it over to the mainnet, however, with the current gas price it might be a blessing :wink:

I think we could adapt this marketing strategy and award attendance to certain events. I read it can be also used with QR codes. We could place such QR codes at our presentations and so add additional exposure to the world.

POAP can be found at https://poap.xyz


Good idea, i like this too

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Basically I agree with this idea. It will motivate us to participate in events more.

Something we need to care is that there are bunch of people just want to get POAP.
They do not listen or watch events but just claim POAP and share information in their communities. All POAPs are claimed by them and legitimate attendees are not able to claim. This is problem actually happening some AMA or CC right now.

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If somebody just collects the POAP, he/she makes just ads for us. I would not mind if they only attend an event for a second.
The POAPs are on xDAI network and CAN be moved to your wallet if you pay the gas fee to transfer to the mainnet.
You can just leave it on xDAI network and use an app (iOS, Android) to admire your achievements.

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They are kind of neat and people do like them. We have issued them at various times, the NY event, New Joiners, LOWG, come to mind.

I agree, it’d be cool to issue more and possibly could have a small nudge effect on voting if the integration with Snapshot is used - @oneski22 or @Lavi had you guys seen that? There’s even a sybil resistant voting platform of their own that depends on POAPs and not token balances.

However, I think that it might be worth setting up some guiderails on the creatives required for them, @Martin? Or is that against the ethos?

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This is a great idea! POAP for attendance creates a stamp of the moment in an NFT that is hardcoded on the blockchain.

Index Coop POAPs can be tied to weekly meetings, exclusive events, but frankly this is just scratching the surface. Imagine team leads creating rare POAP’s for the sole purpose of rewarding a individual’s contribution… or creating a limited number of POAPs to be disbursed per attendance of a full call/event… or tying index token rewards based on type of POAPs earned. The possibilities are only limited by our imagination.

Many people within the decentralized world cherish the virtual badge because it represents a moment… a life experience that can be referenced later on via the blockchain. It’s a sense of pride and most of all… community.

If we are looking to build and sustain a strong community that flourished for many years to come, I believe POAPs would help lead us in the right direction.