IRL Event: Token2049 - London - Oct 7-8th

In Oct I will be attending “Europe’s Premier Crypto Event” and would like to share and invite community members to attend if possible. Details here

Having spoken with the organisers a branded booth has been reserved and I am currently working to secure a speaking slot.

Talking of speakers… :eyes: for lots more

Aims and objectives of attendance
Represent IC and spread awareness of our premium products at a premium event.
Gain awareness of the wider industry.
Network and meet our industry peers + current/potential investors and customers in person.
Have fun!

Speaker: I am happy to speak at the event however welcome others to put their names forward if they so wish.

IC evangelists: A booth will typically require 2 people at all times so a group of 3-4 would be amazing to help man the stall, talk to people, share our mission and spread the merch.

Merch: No event would be complete without bundles of high quality branded swag. I have already reached out to CDWG for pitch decks and POAPs. Some more hoodies, T’s and general branded bits and pieces would be awesome.

Did you know you can get co-branded ledger wallets?! :eyes:
It would be cool to sell/give some away. (Any not sold at the event can be kept for future events/ promo’s / community etc)
(Ledger X’s currently unavailable)
Co-Branded 2020.pdf (743.9 KB)

Self-hosted side event: Shout out to the I/BD team for the input and support on this one. Self or Co-hosted happy hour/networking event before/after the conference at a nearby venue.

General admission tickets: ~$550
Booth: $9,900 (Includes 3 tickets to event)
Owl engraved Ledger Nano S wallets with custom Index branded packaging: 300 (min. order) x $52 = $15,600 (If we sell them for $30 each for example the net cost = $6,600)
IC hosted side event $1-3k
Other/misc: Food, travel, accommodation etc. TBD

Based on 5-6 attendees $11-18k not including expenses.
Merch: $15-17k upfront but with potential to claw back 50-75% + reuse for other events and purposes.
Hereby formally requesting IBD, BD, GWG, CDWG + FC to consider and approve.

Unfortunately, I only became aware of this event very recently so apologies this is a little rushed. With only 5 weeks until the event, we do not have much time left to order merch and secure booths etc so rapid feedback and coordination would be highly appreciated.


If this is happening, I’m happy to attend and help with the booth! I live in London so no travel expenses need to be covered here!

Sounds like an exciting event :slight_smile:


I have across this event on my recent research and can confirm that this is one of the premier conferences in Europe with some of the most desired thought leaders in the industry!

I am in full support of this and can confirm my attendance and support for the index coop. I believe this will be a great opportunity to get strong relationships with major press outlets, strategic partners and relevant customers besides the obvious boost in brand visibility and cred across European markets.

Happy to help facilitate merchandise design and orders for this too, I can recommend a distribution company called awesome merch based in the UK with whom I have worked before or this one which is a bit more corporate .

In terms of speaking, I would be happy to be a co-speaker but I’m not sure I would have enough context in terms of product detail. However I would love to see more female / minority / diverse speakers at the event.

Hoping for some positive replies from other WGs here soon - great initiative @MrMadila !


Noting that I’m strongly considering attending this event and will help in every way possible if so. Travel will be a consideration and I should know more within the next week. Please add me to any comms on this in the meantime.

I am in full support of showing a strong presence at this event; thank you for taking the reigns @MrMadila.


I’m based in London and happy to support with logistics and meet up!


I am sooooooo down for this! :partying_face:


Commenting to confirm my support and attendance for this

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