The sCoop - Contributor Newsletter - 2021.11.02 Tuesday

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Today, APWG BD & Analytics WG met, along with Wizardry, TOC Tea Time, and a community call Bankless DeFi Growth Index $GMI. Tomorrow, Business Development, the Leadership Forum, and a DAO Revolution community call are on the books

While this newsletter endeavors to fully cover WG meetings, touchpoints such as Wizardry (an onramp function of EWG) and TOC Tea Time (an informal weekly meeting on TOC initiatives) are incredibly valuable. Wizardry seeks to level up developers and web2 natives; please reach out in discord to get involved.


Product Spotlight:

IC APWG || Business Development : Bi-Weekly (11 attendees) notion

Today was the first call for the APWG BD. So it was a chance for members to make introductions, understand each other’s business development frameworks and learn how they can collaborate moving forward.

@lee0007 started things off by explaining that APAC members can’t typically attend the IB and the BD meetings due to time zones constraints. The purpose of this group is to enable APEC to build confidence in the areas of business development, to develop learning and context, and to further de-centralize knowledge in order to build autonomy.

After a round of introductions, @Lanks brought on @Mringz to help bring the group up to speed on current efforts and provide insights into IC’s BD processes/approach to partnerships.

Topics ranged from the status of IC and Olympus Pro, recruiting talent through universities/blockchain clubs, and developing an open stream of communications between BD & APAC BD so the efforts in India, China, Singapore are visible and vice-versa.

Shout out to @Vanita for setting me up with the audio, transcription, and video from the call :raised_hands:t2:

Analytics WG (17 attendees) notion | dune | (bow-nus dune by @anthonyb.eth)
Analytics switched up today going from the standard Google Slide deck call to a Liquidity Manifesto presented by @jdcook. The aim was to foster an open discussion about the current state and potential solutions for generating liquidity

@jdcook laid out 3 Pillars:

  • Harmonic Liquidity
  • Concentrated liquidity
  • Protocol-controlled liquidity

Besides $BED, there is little exchange issuance minting of IC products. 0x liquidity aggregator was brought up and @christn from EWG said they’ve been working on this with the Liquidity Analyzer.

Gas cost refunds were brought up as a potential solution by @MrMadila. And a healthy discussion was held about the pros/cons of different approaches to liquidity.

The conversation shifted to trying to understand the strategy for the lower-cost Layer 2 solution like Polygon. A desire to improve the customer experience and live up to one of our core tenants of making it simple for people to get into index products reverberated within the group.

While no easy solution was found for the above challenges, the group and Liquidity Manifesto profited from the information shared.

Wizardy (15 attendees) notion
Wizardry is an onramp to get those interested in the EWG oriented to current projects and opportunities to skill up. Wizardry seeks to empower developers and web2 natives; please reach out in discord to get involved.

@blockdev welcomed all the newbies to the group and introductions were made. A walk-through of the EWG notion including how new tasks are created and assigned to avoid duplicating efforts.

@edwardk provided a brief overview of some other bigger projects the EWG group’s been working on. First, there’s the Liquidity Analyzer that will be a big help when researching the viability of future products and improving current ones. Second, a super-secret project including Polygon that he’s not ready to reveal quite yet.


Last but not least, @0xMitz brought up a common issue she’s run into when modding on Discord and worked with the EWG on a solution.

So for any specific/technical questions that mods have difficulty cracking, they’ll post #wizardry-public (with a discord link to the question) and tag the following people for visibility:


Once the problem has been solved, just post back in the channel so the asker doesn’t get bombarded.

$GMI Community Call (21 attendees) methodology
I couldn’t fly two places at once so after I hopped off Wizardry I caught the last 20 minutes of this community call

@LemonadeAlpha and @0xLucas were playfully battling for air time :microphone: as they discussed and addressed questions regarding $GMI. Defining entrance/exit parameters were discussed to bake a bit more safety into this growth offering.

The group tossed out ideas for developing emergency exit triggers or the option of rebalancing mid-month if a coin became toxic to the index. And tried to gain an understanding of what those parameters and measures would be. The importance of cap limits was also discussed by @MrMadila as the market for liquidity would dry up if $GMI became the dominant holder of a particular token.

TOC Tea Time (10 attendees)
TOC Tea Time is an informal weekly meeting on Talent, Operations, Change initiatives. It’s a great opportunity for those new to Index Coop to better understand the workings of the DAO, have their questions answers, and a great step down the path to contribute. This weeks meeting was hosted by @bradwmorris

After introductions and describing each of the new owls’ backgrounds, @bradwmorris provided some additional information about the workings of the DAO and how a lot is/will be changing with the upcoming launch of Index 2.0. Everything from “nests” to a different system of compensation was discussed.

Feedback was requested regarding the Onboarding/Copper Owl Quest. There was a general consensus amongst @kindeagle @castandspear and the newer members that a one-pager within Gitbook with links to all the repositories of Index Coop tools, projects, videos, resources, compensation structure, and opportunities to contribute would be extremely helpful to gain better understanding of the DAO.

Wednesday Meetings: (UTC/1-hr, UON)
1600 - Business Development
1700 - DAO Revolution - Community Call
1800 - Leadership Forum

@pujimak_in: 10/31 - 11//7
@mel.eth @bax86 @Metfanmike @fallow8: 11/1-4 - NFT.NYC
@Cavalier_Eth: 11/22 - getting married

NFT.NYC Check-in: The distinction between NFTs and DeFi will continue to blur and fade. It’s going to be awesome. - @mel.eth