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Two meetings today as CDWG was canceled. A community call discussing MetaGov Proposals and a Growth WG meeting carried us through. Looks like DeFriday is cancelled for tomorrow so the IC calendar is a clean-sheet through to Monday following the APAC community call tonight re MetaGov Proposals. Don’t DAO too hard this weekend!

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MetaGov Community Call (15 attendees)
If you missed the call and would like to attend, catch the APAC crew at 04:00 Aug 27.
I’ll port a summary here, but these discussions will inform an update of the post that started it all by @oneski22 and @Lavi as we march toward an IIP. There are currently five components of DPI for which we have meta-gov enabled (AAVE, BAL, COMP, UNI, YFI), and only with Aave do we have enough tokens to propose; the others can be delegated to help hit the proposing threshold. The proposal would establish a process for using the delegation and/or proposal-making power (as opposed to voting on existing proposals). The proposed parameters would be 1% of INDEX (whether held or through delegation) to put a proposal to vote, with a 7.5% quorum and 80% FOR required to PASS.

Questions were fielded, mainly around parameters, and it was clear that the proposers had worked through the challenges which made for a well-informed discussion. A 10% quorum requirement was floated, with the proposers not necessarily being opposed, noting that quorum requirements can be adjusted as token distribution changes over time. There was further discussion of how this new use-case fits into broader governance processes; the thinking being that there’s sufficient ongoing work to be done in this area as to possibly require a WG or elected committee to focus on improving and streamlining over time.

Growth WG (18 attendees) slides
Opener: Would you rather have a horse-sized duck or a duck-sized horse? In terms of worthy topics to really gauge contributor interest and give us a framework to build and iterate on as we embark on this never-ending journey of growth and improvement, this one really got the room fired up. As the debate raged on, horse-sized duck took the ‘W’ in a 7:5 tally; some noting that travel by air, powered mainly by bread, would be quite appealing.

@MrMadila delivered the results of some research into the impact of tweets (Wednesdays are hot, with more impressions-per-tweet than any other day). CDWG are revamping the intake-form to support larger social media campaigns, noting that clickup has helped in navigating some of the challenges. @caf noted that females still only account for 9% of twitter impressions. @LemonadeAlpha noted that the paid content will shift focus from impression optimization to email. @Financial-Freedom helped us connect with our product users via his series of personal interviews that are being used to build out investor profiles, replete with more animal references. To close us out, @Alks4778 took us through her internship proposal for geo-targeted marketing, leveraging things such as influencer-size to really drill down into regions based on what the data is communicating; well presented and I’m excited to see that effort develop.

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This looks awesome! Excited to see where the data points. We are learning more and more about our customers everyday.


Thanks @BigSky7 and @mel.eth. Looking forward to increase IC’s footprint into new geographies with this campaign.