The sCoop - Contributor Newsletter - 2021.08.25 Wednesday

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The day kicked-off with an inspiring Business Development WG meeting and carried through to the Leadership Forum where we went on a guided walkthrough of the Autonomy Roadmap, which is quite robust. Let’s dive in:

Calls to Action:

  • High Level: Notion is here to stay; get comfortable, get good at it, get keyboard shortcuts tatted on your inner thigh - whatever you need to do. If DeFi is money legos, is productivity legos.
  • Contributor Survey out now, due back by Aug 28: it takes 3 minutes and gets your voice heard!

Context Corner (NEW SECTION): (Ok, fine, it’s not a corner, but it’s packed with context. This section will house posts that help Owls gain the context they need to meaningfully participate in conversations and discussions that will ultimately lead to meaningful contribution, work products, and governance.)

BDWG (26 attendees) slides
Opener: Describe the first time you bought crypto. Some took a stroll down memory lane, others heard stories of things they’ve only read about, but three themes emerged: Those that take action tend to outperform those that wait for opportunities; no one wins immediately in crypto; and, BTC has outperformed everything irl that anyone has ever purchased with it, ever.

Yield farming for MVI:ETH is live on polygon! There’s an integration with Avalanch on the horizon, and yvDPI might be a reality in the coming months (I was assured that banteg isn’t planning to put it in the woodchipper if that happens; yield would likely come from lend/borrow sources).

@oneski22 took us through the process of a BD partnership being born (shh, don’t make eye contact), and clarified that although we currently support bridges to other chains if there is demand and our partners are there, we’re not currently working on small integrations. @Miza broke it to us excitedly that a lot of the potential energy that was bubbling on the treasury diversification front has started to materialize and I wouldn’t be surprised if we have some announcements in the coming weeks and months as protocols get their treasuries adequately hardened.

And to close it out, BD is starting a new initiative: Universities. Blockchain clubs are starting up at universities across the globe, and these are exactly the types of strategic partners that BD is looking to engage with. If you’re interested reach out to @oneski22 who is spearheading the vertical.

Leadership Forum (40 attendees) slides
The call opened with a few potential investor/partner institutions discussing their interest in a second-round OTC sale; more on that in a forthcoming forum post from @BigSky7.

For about 45 minutes, @Pepperoni_Joe, @Matthew_Graham, and @setoshi came together and walked us through the Autonomy Roadmap. The slides are excellent and the presentation reflected the work and dedication by these Owls; we’re all grateful, but this is the tip of the spear. The group did a great job of pointing out that this is a reflection of the pain points identified, that full community support will be required to work through these challenges, and that the approach offered is more akin to guided meditation than surgery (my words); ultimately a lot of individual efforts will still need to coalesce to drive the organizational change necessary to run on our own steam.

Perhaps the largest Coop-wide call to action yet, there will be a series of workshops over the coming weeks intended to spark the conversations that need to be had around how we organize, how we interface externally, where value is held and how it flows through this DAO. Please go read the post, give feedback, and fill out the associated form if you would like to be more involved in any particular aspect of the process.

Governance / Meta-Governance / Contributor Polls



Thursday Meetings: (UTC/1-hr, UON)
1000 - New Joiner
1600 - Creative & Design WG Bi-Weekly (45 mins)
1700 - MetaGov Community Call
1900 - Growth WG
OOO: @DarkForestCapital thru Aug 27, @verto0912 thru Aug 27, @overanalyser thru Aug 31

Daily DAOwlpha: Today I leave you with complimentary sentiments, shared in the Leadership Forum, from our founding partner and resident Owl-methodologist:
If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together. - @setoshi (paraphrasing metacartel)
These teams work at the speed of trust - the fastest we can ever go. - @Thomas_Hepner (paraphrasing Yearn)

- @mel.eth

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Love the sCoop updates, @mel.eth .

Index Coop is scaling to be a large organization with many parts and the sCoop helps build context without needing to be in multiple places (and timezones) at once.

With DATA passing DG2, I will re-orienting my efforts to be 100% focused on making DATA a successful product and will be much less focused on the non-methodologist aspects of the community - so I’ll be leaning on the sCoop to keep me informed of all things Index Cooperative. :smiley: