Governance Requests & GovNest Account Guidelines


The Governance Nest has created a forum account that will field all governance requests moving forward. Any authors who wish to create a proposal and take that proposal to snapshot, are required to tag the @GovNest account in a comment to request a review of their proposal upon initial post of the proposal. This is in-line with the set process for requesting IIPs, and will ensure there is no time wasted in trying to figure out who the relevant GovRep is.


Currently governance requests are handled by multiple different GovReps, often requiring those calling for proposal facilitation to identify the relevant GovRep, or call multiple GovReps. As we endeavor to increase the number of people trained in facilitating the governance process, we will use this tool to allow for clearer communication within the Operational Governance Pod regarding IIP-specific DRIs.

Additionally, authors will not have to waste time figuring out who they should get in touch with in order to get their proposal reviewed and queued for a snapshot vote. GovReps will also not spend an inordinate amount of time checking the IC forum for ad-hoc requests that arise.

How the @GovNest account will work

The @GovNest account will be controlled by the Operational Governance Pod Lead (@sixtykeys) who will be the DRI for this account. Control of this account can be handed over to any member of the Governance Nest to ensure continuous functioning of this account, up until a better system is implemented. The login details are currently public and available to all members of the Governance Nest.

The DRI for the @GovNest will be responsible for checking the governance forum every 24 hours and assigning a GovRep to each proposal for review and for facilitation of the IIP Process. Once a GovRep is notified and assigned to a proposal, responsibility will be upon them to carry out the IIP Process as specified here.

In its current state the @GovNest account’s only mandate will be receiving requests and assigning and tagging the corresponding GovRep. Any further changes to the remit of this account will be communicated as a comment to this awareness post.

Note: If this account is not functioning as intended or items require immediate resolution please reach out to the Operational Governance Pod Lead (currently @sixtykeys) followed by the GovNest Coordinator (currently @mel.eth).

Use of the @GovNest account will officially commence on Monday, 21st March 2022, 0100 UTC.
Any feedback in the comments is welcome and much appreciated!


cc’ing the Product team here for awareness and execution on future proposals!

@DocHabanero @afromac @JosephKnecht @seb @overanalyser

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Thx both. I’ve added this to the Product DG template.