Impression mining - report preparation

I use Linux for all my desktops, notebooks, and servers. This way is also working for Mac.
My Twitter account is “ELMIT”.

For all my Tweets I use the hashtag “#INDEX”.

    Go to tab Tweets, select Last 7 days from Monday to Sunday
    Click Export by tweet

  2. open a terminal and type in:

head -n1 tweetxxxxx.csv > 1.csv
grep -i INDEX tweetxxxxx.csv >> 1.csv
wc 1.csv # because I am impatient to know how many tweets I did for Index
# the first number reveals the number of tweets for Index
  1. open Libreoffice:
LibreOffice --calc 1.csv
  1. go to the last data row and type in column D:
  1. move the next column E:
sum(e2:eXX)                          replace XX with the previous line number

Remember that number, it is the number of impressions

  1. save the file similar to the original filename from Twitter. I add “-filtered” before “.csv”

  2. download the form from the discord channel impression-mining and fill it out, use the numbers of impressions we found in step 5. and the file name decided in step 6.