The sCoop - Contributor Newsletter - 2021.10.28 Thursday

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Today we had Governance Operations, Women+Non-Binary, and Growth and Marketing WG meetings; Thursdays are getting more dense! With the Product WG moving to bi-weekly, only the Weekly Planning meeting is the only slate, contributor reward sheets are due on Monday as well using the same reward-bot system as last month, so get a jump to avoid the rush.

No newsletter on Friday’s, so I’ll catch y’all at the Weekly call on Monday and as always . . . don’t DAO too hard this weekend!


Product Spotlight:

Women + Non-Binary in Crypto (13 attendees) slides | by @aakansha

Worth celebrating:
WIC organized another Representation and Equality workshop. We brainstormed on
  • KPIs and metrics to gauge community awareness, and impact of DEI efforts.
  • Tactical next steps to improve recruiting, onboarding, and culture required to retain diverse contributors.
WIC mentorship program is evolving in the form of self-served cohorts. The program will have 3 phases:
  • Incubation: For new WIC contributors with custom Bronze Owl requirements.
  • Cultivation: Cohort works with different working groups.
  • Acceleration: A final checkpoint, WG representatives recommend participants for acceleration. (More details in slides).

WIC is also working with TOC WG on the opportunity to have the group mentioned in the New joiner form, and revamping the onboarding process for new joiners.

Some awesome opportunities to get involved :
  • Interested in writing articles, reach out to @marshmellow.
  • @LFeld to help organize a speed networking event. Reach out to help make it a success.

All members of the Coop and crypto community are welcome to join WIC for our kickoff party next week! We’re excited to introduce ourselves to the community, hear your feedback and ideas, and distribute our kickoff POAP!

Governance Operations WG (7 attendees) notion
The GOWG worked through the current meta-governance execution process with an eye toward assisting; the current thinking by both the MCG and GOWG that the execution of MGC votes will remain with the 5-members of the MGC; the technical requirements for committee members will be made explicit in upcoming MGC elections.

The challenges around hitting quorum and actively engaging with large token holders were discussed with @0xdouglas noting that too much delegation can be problematic in that it can re-concentrate voting power in ways that aren’t ideal, but that intuitional holders may not be interested in active governance. Otherwise it was noted that some recent VC-OTC partners do intent to be active governance participants once they are able to vote.

There was discussion around how to best monitor IIP execution and streamlining routine snapshot operations as well as seeking to activate contribution through building out learn-by-doing tasks. Otherwise, the GOWG will be looking to port the quorum discussion into a housekeeping IIP in the coming week, so please give feedback ASAP.

Growth & Marketing WG (20 attendees) notion | tweet requests
@MrMadila gave a few fledgling Owls on the call opener the opportunity to shill their bags and not a single one took the opportunity; maybe the most bullish thing I’ve seen this week. This call was also one of the most jam-packed WG calls I’ve attended to date in terms of cross-functional input and information density and still ended within the hour . . . impressive.

@caf is working on the Dharma DPI campaign with the less DeFi-native users in mind. An initiative called Don’t hold FLI! (due to volatility decay) is in the works with perhaps some massaging of the message. The VOD is looking at directly addressing the challenge around our products being well-suited to newcomers, but relatively hard to buy; let @Static121 know if you’re looking to get involved but the rough strokes involve pairing fire video content with some education and an L2 push to get where the puck is going.

@DocHabanero took the conn to walk us through a typical user profile and challenge the assumption that the plural of anecdotal isn’t data; noting that a lot of users, by country, are relative BTC maxis and haven’t caught the ETH bug yet. There was also some discussion about a menu-style product launch suite around marketing.

Now that there is an appreciable amount of DPI on Polygon (~2% of total) @TheYoungCrews is looking at how to build up the other product offerings to develop more partnerships on that chain and otherwise doing analysis around ‘customer lifetime value’. In congratulatory news, @TheYoungCrews will be overseeing growth for the Leverage pod - give a hoot when you get a chance!

Monday Meetings: (UTC/1-hr, UON)
1600 - Weekly Planning
OOO: @pujimak_in Oct 31 thru Nov 7, NFT NYC [Nov 1-4]: @Metfanmike @fallow8 @bax86 @JonathanErlich @mel.eth

Daily DAOwlpha: BREAKING NEWS: $MVI aka Metaverse Index will be changing its name to Facebook Index. $FBI - @DocumentingMVI
Hack the DAO Stack: Impression Mining Report Prep via Linux by @Elmit
Troll-box Leak: We are also planning a new CT account for DAO based content - @Alks4778

- @mel.eth



I’m still looking for newsletter coverage in whole or part for this coming week while I’m at NFT NYC; if you’re handy with posting in the forum and want to mess around with forking this template and writing some coverage, I would be PSYCHED. Reach out to discuss, or I can leave you with a guiding quote by @Cavalier_Eth that I have on a sticky-note on my monitor, “There is no amount of initiative that is too great within a DAO.”