Index Coop - NOV 2020 - FEB 2021 Treasury Report

Index Coop - Financial Report

I am excited to present the very first Index Coop Financial Report. Over time each subsequent report is going to capture our progress on the path to $1B AUM and beyond.

DPI is a fantastic product and the income it generates is a real value creator for Index Coop.

As we continue to dominate the index fund management, the future for Index Coop could not be brighter. Index Coop is the market leader within the ethereum community and will continue to be so for time to come.

Many thanks goes out to all those within the community. In such a short amount of time, we have achieved so much together and what a fantastic journey it will continue to be.

Please do drop a comment below and let us know what you think.


Really well thought out report and it’s great to see useful transparency like this. I also like the plan to add ETH to the treasury. Any thoughts on how you think about asset allocation for the treasury? E.g. should a portion of the treasury also be allocated to stablecoins that earn yield?

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Hey @HelloShreyas and welcome to the Coop!

At this stage, the proposal is to only purchase ETH, as this plays into the larger plan of implementing a smart treasury over at balancer with INDEX / ETH at 80/20.


Makes sense, thanks!

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I just wanted to drop in and say @Matthew_Graham this is amazing fantastic job!

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