Index Coop - November 21 Financial Report

Index Coop - November 2021 Financial Report

Authors: @ElliottWatts, @prairiefi @Ahuja, @Matthew_Graham, @Hammad1412

The Finance Nest is pleased to present the Index Coop’s November 2021 one-page Financial Report.

Index Coop - Treasury Report - November 2021 - Glossy V3.pdf (439.9 KB)

We have also prepared a longer deep-dive article which will be published to medium shortly (we will update this link when published)

At the end of November, the Index Coop treasury has a market value of $45.5m, of which 71.45% are INDEX tokens.

Key Takeaways

Index Coop at a gross profit level experienced its 4th consecutive profitable month as a result of no LM incentives on DPI or MVI. ETH 2x-FLI continued to be the best performing product totaling $498k, 69% of total revenue generated for November.

  • Revenue increased by 14.5% and Contributor Rewards decreased by -14.8%
  • Gross profit was at its highest ever for the DAO up 8% MoM
  • Overall profitability increased slightly from 0.183k loss in September to 0.176k loss in November a 3.65% movement
  • Cumulative net dollar inflows saw a -98% decrease since October, but MVI saw strong inflow of $5,261,282
  • AUM grew slightly totalling $478.8m, a 2% increase from October

The F.Nest is constantly working to level up our financial reporting and key investor relations documents.

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How is gross profit calculated? Does this subtract methodologist portion of fee split as well as gas costs?

Hi Thomas,

Revenue is the total streaming fee on the products, there is then a deduction for the methodologist portion of the fee split. Gas costs are not taken into account since they are not currently incurred by Index Coop. In line with the recent Snapshot vote.

In the future, we are also hoping to track on a more granular level contributor spend per product to more accurately reflect maintenance costs on our products, and should gas costs move to the DAO in the future we will then take that into account when calculating gross profit.

Hopefully this clears up your question :slight_smile:


Very cool - nice work!