Pujimak_in - OOO from 31 October - 7 November

Hi Owls :owl:

Following examples set by Greg ,Simon and Joe,

Posting this a few days prior to allow for any clarifications as needed.

What: Spending some time away from all things digital, holiday with family on a Malaysian Island. :desert_island:

When: 31 October until 7 November.

If I need to be reached in an emergency I have provided my personal number to the following people. @Pepperoni_Joe & @vanita.

In a journey to “disconnect to reconnect” so that when I returned, will be super pumped for the remainder of Q4 and beyond. :rocket:

Responsibilities and DIR

Asia + Pacific Working Group

Respective Leads within APWG

@vanita for South Asia
@tudou for East Asia
@lanks for South East Asia
@Louisaraj as Talent Scout / Community Manager
@lee0007 as Growth Specialist

Weekly Standup

@vanita will be presenting APWG slides on my behalf.


Enjoy your time off! :partying_face:

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