Pepperoni Joe - handover for OOO 4th - 8th of October

Hi All :wave: I am posting this multiple day before I am actually taking off to allow the opportunity for clarification if it is needed!

  • What: will be spending 4th Oct - 6th Oct in Greece (I will not be reachable), and then 7th Oct - 8th Oct at Token 2049 (I will be partially reachable)
  • Why: I’m hoping that walking in the footsteps of Plato and Socrates will help inform our Democracy and Goverance Index 2.0 workshop - or maybe just to get the last gasps of European summer :sunglasses:
  • Where: Santorini :arrow_right: Athens :arrow_right: London

If something is unclear or missing please reply and let me know. I have provided my personal number to @gregdocter in case of any major emergencies.

I deeply appreciate the support to be able to log off for a few days and attend my FIRST crypto conference :pray:

Responsibilities & Directly Responsible Individuals (DRIs)

People, Org, Community WG

  • Reminder: No public POC call until w.c. 11th of October (and then we will be back into the swing of weekly public calls).
  • POC WG II to be posted on Monday 4th of October
  • @bradwmorris point person for onboarding, talent and the new joiner call
  • @pujimak_in if anything breaks with Discord, Google Calendars etc.
  • @MrMadila to host the Leadership Forum (tbc)
  • @pujimak_in to complete POC slide for the weekly planning call

Funding Council

  • Reminder: Contributor reward forms to be completed by October 1st, WG Proposal due on October 6th.
  • @gregdocter to support WGLs with Q4 WG guidance
  • @Hammad1412 to manage the September Contributor rewards process and troubleshoot any issues with the bot
  • @gregdocter to be the DRI for September Contrbituor rewards. I will step out of Token 2049 to do a reward reconciliation with Greg on Thursday 7th to ensure my absence does not hold up reward payments.

Index 2.0 / Autonomy Group

  • Reminder: Next week will be a break/energiser/pitstop next week from core Index 2.0 workshops
  • @seb to run Monday planning with Index 2.0 workshop aids. The output of this session should be to confirm specific target dates to run the next batch of workshops.
  • @seb to also prepare a one-pager on Index 2.0 for investor sessions (cc @BigSky7 @bax86)
  • @gregdocter to coordinate with Domain Experts to progress the next steps of the Finance of the Future workshops.
  • @Hammad1412 to coordinate with Domain Experts to progress next steps for IC Compensation Framework
  • @Vanita to continue to progress on the revised Owl Levels matrix.
  • @Matthew_Graham to by the IC rep at next weeks Autonomy Group call/s

DFP Negotiations

  • Reminder: I will not attend any workshops, input or support the process or direct conversations with DFP for the entirety of next week.
  • @BigSky7 to manage DFP The Methodologist Negotiation Process on the Index Coop side.
  • @BigSky7 I have provided you access to the nominee form.

Governance Ops

  • Hardly need to include this given how tight a ship @sixtykeys, @mel.eth and @Mringz are running. These are your DRIs for all things “governance” whilst a formal WG is established.

thanks for taking the time to put this together :pray: incredibly helpful


Have fun adventures @Pepperoni_Joe !


I’ll be out setting up at token2049 next week so unfortunately unable to cover.

Best to flag and ask for a volunteer here and on Monday’s call


Thanks @MrMadila

Flagging that I have requested @BigSky7 to facilitate the Leadership Forum on Wednesday.