The sCoop - Contributor Newsletter - 2021.10.20 Wednesday

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Business Development WG meeting and Leadership Forum today; Design and Growth WG meetings tomorrow. Tomorrow we also see the Governance Operations WG kick-off meeting, and @Crypto_Texan interviewing DeFi Dad on the next Conversation with the Coop.


Q4 WG Funding:

Product Spotlight:

Business Development (19 attendees) notion | BDWG Dune by @anthonyb.eth
Is BD becoming a meme, or is BD/Bom Dia the new gm/Good Morning? “Come in Lisbon, we’re in need of assistance!” ( @MrMadila ) . . . Too early to tell for sure, but initial reports are bullish for the most effective Biz Dev team in DeFi!

The front-half of today’s meeting involved a runthrough of the Bancor whitelisting strategy that @overanalyser is pursuing. Unfortunately the first attempt did not hit quorum but this is being kept warm, noting that a CEX listing would likely help the chances of this passing. Otherwise noted were recent successes in getting DPI/ETH incentivized by Quickswap on Polygon, and Smart Alpha DPI on Barnbridge.

I’m pretty certain that if the DAO Treasury Team were to take a stroll down Wall Street, the brass bull would step aside and give a big high-hoof to these Owls. The positive-sum wins keep coming, and partnering with Bankless to get $300,000 worth of BED into the Pickle Finance treasury is the latest. These Owls are literally writing the playbook and guiding other DAOs through the process. (@bax86, @jcooper, @funkmasterflex . . . @Miza set me straight if I’m missing anyone here!) Helping other DAOs get from where they are to where they’d like to be in terms of treasury diversity while increasing our AUM is about as positive-sum as it gets; excellent work here.

Otherwise, @Vanita is looking to expand partnerships in India and will be looking to partner with Polygon on that initiative, with @Mringz leveraging the connections to kick it all off. Interested in getting involved over at BD? @funkmasterflex will get you up-to-speed on the down-low: funkmasterflex#7870 or drop into the discord channel.

Leadership Forum (23 attendees) slides
There are currently several IIPs below quorum, please vote! Four high-level updates today at the Leadership Forum, generally used to raise governance awareness and provide visibility for larger initiatives.

@fallow8 gave an update on the ongoing talks with DFP and Set on future fees and building a better process for working with Methodologists. While acknowledging that parties are in the third week of what was envisioned as a two-week process, there is a strong sense that by the end of the coming week (29 October) the discussions can be ported to the forum for broader community awareness and feedback. Current actionable outcomes are that MATIC-2xFLI being launched on Polygon can move forward, with iETH shuffling back a slot in the queue. While the expected timeframe has been exceeded, the reported interim outcomes have been positive and Owls on the call were supportive of the approach.

@Pepperoni_Joe gave some insight in the ‘Nest’ concept as a way to group WGs together for funding and leadership purposes. The likely-soon-to-be-deprecated TWG is already transitioning toward this concept with the Q4 funding request and rebrand to ‘F.Nest’. The general idea: some WGs share characteristics that would lend them to operational efficiency gains if they share resources and have defined leadership roles that span more broadly than individual WGs. More in the forum and more to come as this Index 2.0 initiative is presented more formally to the community.

@nic whipped out the little sample spoons and gave us all a taste of the Future Framework discussions that are happening on Tuesdays and Thursdays (reach out to @nic directly if you’d like to be added to the invite, we’re in the second week so it’s early).

@dylan gave great insight into Set Protocol’s decision making framework: RAPID. I dropped resources in the Daily DAOwlpha section below and recommend a cursory review as it helps remove blockers earlier in the process than is typical and helping document ground-conditions when decisions are made. This is a framework for taking an identified opportunity through to execution, making sure that proper parties are consulted; @gregdocter offered to be a Sherpa for anyone looking to use this framework for the first time (incredibly generous, thank you!!!)

Otherwise @Pepperoni_Joe noted that a forum post outlining the progress thus far on Owl Levels and Compensation is imminent and @gregdocter is looking to drive the multi-sig signer changes that are set to occur; stay tuned.

Thursday Meetings: (UTC/1-hr, UON)
1500 - Governance Operations WG Meeting
1500 - Conversations with the Coop w/ DeFi Dad
1000 - New Joiner [EU/US]
1900 - Growth WG Meeting
OOO: @BigSky7 Oct 13-23, @MrMadila/@afromac/@Lavi Oct 16-24 (Lisbon)

Daily DAOwlpha: The slides and 1-pager on the RAPID decision making framework used at Set Protocol. Propers go @dylan for the great presentation and @gregdocter highlighting the Index Coop Handbook resource! Also huge shout to @gregdocter for sharing his personal template you can fork here.

- @mel.eth

RAPID Framework highlighted by @dylan


Yes and I want my sample spoons back please.


DAO Treasury Relations team hitting Wall St: Harambe gorilla statue is staring down Wall Street's Charging Bull. Here's why. - MarketWatch

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