The sCoop - Contributor Newsletter - 2021.10.13 Wednesday

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As ever, the Business Development WG Meeting marked the halfway-point on the week and the Leadership Forum launched us, reinvigorated, into the home stretch. Only the Growth & Marketing WG meets tomorrow as the Design WG is on their bye-week.

Q4 Working Group Proposals: by @gregdocter
Voting Live: Proposal: Product Working Group - Request for Funding Q4 2021
Forthcoming: TWG, POCWG


Product Spotlight:

Business Development (16 attendees) notion
Speed, access, and synergy were all highlighted in response to today’s opener, What gets you most excited about DeFi and DAOs? My personal favorite came from a long-time BDWG supporter, first-time caller, @TheYoungCrews: Building together with internet strangers. If you’re looking to build, are sufficiently strange, and are on the internet . . . we’re here for it. On to the main course . . .

@Miza gave an update on DAO Treasury Relations progress and challenges. With several DAOs at various stages, @Miza and @bax86 have been modularizing so that contributors can drive further into the engagement process with other DAOs to help facilitate their efforts and keep Coop products top of mind. The biggest challenge across the board is that DAOs mainly hold their native governance token and selling to diversify causes slippage; the DTR team is helping DAOs reduce the negative impacts and work through those challenges, ultimately increasing AUM as treasuries diversify into IC products.

Highlights from the DeFi Partnerships and Integrations vertical were $2MM of Frax being minted to the Rari Fuse pool, and a look at Cetrifuge who brings real-world assets on-chain. BD are also looking at a partnership with Tokemak and @Mringz has been working on a DPI vault as Vesper. Otherwise @funkmasterflex has made impressive strides in building out the BD onboarding process.

@BigSky7 gave a few extra helpings of his signature energy before signing-off for the coming week, reminding us that: “We’re optimizing across a whole stack, each stack is super interdependent, and each one frees up the others to do what they are good at.” Challenging each of us to think about: how to optimize our stack and maximize the value coming out, how to solve the immediate problems before tackling the ‘macro’, and how to bring the best innovations we’re all absorbing in DAOs abroad home to roost at The Coop. Summing it all up with the big question, “How do we win DeFi 2.0?”

Leadership Forum (23 attendees) slides
With @Pepperoni_Joe back in the chair we had a brief update on governance from @Lavi, noting that IIP-92 is live for voting, followed by an update on trilateral discussions with our biggest partners and a preview of ‘Future Framework’ sessions to come by @nic. Otherwise @Cavalier_Eth noted that iETH is well-progressed, and @gregdocter noted that Grant Request No. 5 is hitting the forum soon.

@BigSky7 relayed that the last two weeks have been extremely busy coordinating with DFP and Set and all have been really honing in on how to win long-term. One focus of coming sessions will be strongly aligning incentives across the three major organizations so they are, “moving powerfully in the same direction.” Reportedly communication has been leveled-up significantly, there are no current blockers, and an updated forum post is expected later this week.

@nic utilized the back-half of the meeting to explore what’s working, what’s broken, what’s confused, and what’s missing here at IC. In what seemed to be a bit of a productive teaser for sessions to come, @nic is planning to guide interested Owls on a series of discussions and exercises to help solidify the vision for what Index Coop can be, chart a course to get there, and build a solid foundation for iterative improvement. A recording of the first can be found here along with the working document, and if you would like to join future sessions please reach out to @Pepperoni_Joe or @nic to be added to the invite.

Thursday Meetings: (UTC/1-hr, UON)
1000 - New Joiner [EU/US]
1900 - Growth WG Meeting
OOO: @BigSky7 Oct 13-23, @fallow8 Oct 13-14, @MrMadila/@afromac/@Lavi Oct 16-24 (Lisbon)
@oneski22: stepping back from day-to-day

Daily DAOwlpha: “Solving coordination problems is just table-stakes in DeFi” . . . “we’re speed-running coordination problems” . . . “how effectively we coordinate determines our effectiveness as a DAO” - @BigSky7

- @mel.eth


noting that “speed running coordination problems” should be attributed to @DarkForestCapital as the original thinker of that thought. Super lucky that he took some time away from the Metaverse to help me level up​:exploding_head::exploding_head::exploding_head:


my favorite full version of this turn of phrase is my hoard of pseudonymous internet meme lords. said hoard can build whatever we want & deploy it on-chain where it’s accessible to everyone with an internet connection*

*[and tons of eth to burn on gas fees, and the knowledge of how to use a noncustodial wallet, and so on]