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POC WG meeting was canceled and will be moving to bi-weekly at a TBD earlier time in the day. We kicked off the day with the weekly Institutional Business WG meeting, flew on over to Wizardry, then listened in on the latest Conversation with the Coop, hosted by @Crypto_Texan (How does he keep it so crypto and so Texan? We may never know.); we’ll be sure to link to a recording when it drops, as it was excellent. Cooper Turley has a view of the DAO landscape unlike any other and we’re lucky to have had him on our airwaves; thank you. Let’s dive in:

Calls to Action:

  • We are nearly 40 days away from our 1-year anniversary as a DAO; how should we celebrate? Drop a comment below;
  • Become familiar with how value flows through this DAO, and how it might in the future with this excellent context-building post by @Matthew_Graham.

IBWG (18 attendees) slides
Opener: Do you view DeFi as adversarial to TradFi? Answers ranged, but it seemed clear that angels are on our side . . . not that we’re likely to need them: we have @BigSky7 with his ivory colored wings soaring above to show us the way, @overanalyser, owl sweat glistening on his brow, sparks flying in the background as the next product is forged (at least that’s how he explained the process to me), @dylan, a fully digitized Owl, protecting us from existential threats within The Matrix, @DevOnDeFi, bringing the swagger that has investors and competition alike doing double-takes . . . I digress. clears throat

The DPI deck is 95% done; there’s still an initiative to leverage some educational content on BitGo and Bitcoin Suisse. Today’s meeting took on a bit of an open discussion format around family office adoption, and being well moderated by @Metfanmike it was productive. terik_boberik#5258 had some great insight on fintech companies creating bridges from TradFi to tokenized systems, and some new avenues for institutional partnerships were generated by working through the challenges, players, and pain points.

The planned discussion on rewarding IB initiatives that result in ongoing revenue to The Coop has been pushed to next week, when it will be discussed at the top of the hour.

Wizardry (7 attendees) notion
Looking to build a baseline of programming knowledge so you can take on engineering tasks here at The Coop? Head on over to the Wizardry channel and @DefiJesus can help you get involved. There’s plenty of work to go around - check out the notion board if you’re already up to speed.

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Tuesday Meetings: (UTC/1-hr, UON)
1600 - Business Development
1800 - Leadership Forum (1.5 hours; previously ‘Org’)
OOO: @DarkForestCapital thru Aug 27, @verto0912 thru Aug 27

Daily DAOwlpha: “They see the money, and they’re scrambling.” - terik_boberik#5258, responding to Do you see DeFi as adversarial to TradFi?

- @mel.eth

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Index Coop 1 -year anniversary should be the cause of much celebration across the DeFi worlds. :tada:

Here are some rough ideas that come to mind:

-hold a happy birthday index coop series of events ( I’m sure @Crypto_Texan could do AMAs all week with different stakeholders talking about why they care about index coop.)

Happy bday tweet storm

Party in the Metaverse: we did one for the MVI launch and it was tons of fun. I bet the technology has only gotten better since then.

commemorative speech’s

history of index coop articles published on medium

coverage from all the major media branches

meetups in the major cities

index coop year-1 contributor NFT drop


:crying_cat_face: :crying_cat_face:

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@Metfanmike runs the best meetings!

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