The sCoop - Contributor Newsletter - 2021.09.27 Monday

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Today we had the Weekly Planning and Product WG meetings. Other than the standard WG fare we have a community call on Wednesday for $JPG and a Conversation with the Coop on Thursday.

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Context Corner:

Product Spotlight:

Weekly Planning (49 attendees) slides
Wallets up 2%, unit-supply up 3%, energy up 743% heading into the 39th week of '21. N$FW (effectively ‘purchases’) were at ~$8.6MM this week).

Contributor reward sheets will be collected via bot; they will be due on Oct 1 with WGL review by Oct 6. As for Working Group Proposals: Oct 6 will be the last day to post for Q4 with Funding Council Grant No. 5 being submitted on Oct 13 and going to snapshot on Oct 18. There is a proposal up to deprecate the FC Wallet per the outcomes of the Index 2.0 discussions, and @Matthew_Graham gave a shout to @AcceleratedCapital and @Ahuja for work on the Investment Account.

The DATA launch was widely regarded as successful by both PWG and Titans of Data with too many shout-outs to list (here’s a quick try: @Cavalier_Eth, @emault, @ncitron, @0xModene); it was noted that @Thomas_Hepner and @Kiba have made IC’s job easier via their continued active engagement in the launch process with thanks all around. It was also noted that Index Coop successfully launched DATA with less external support than for previous products; however, Wintermute provided $1MM of liquidity off of their recent engagement as IC’s Market Maker. Language Ops WG also noted that @Thomas_Hepner was a great help in getting DATA launched in four languages (CN, ES, FR, TR) in addition to English!

The Meta-Governance Committee is up for re-election in a month so if you’re interested in serving on this 5-member elected committee now would be a good time to get familiar with the process. Also, there is a proposal up to form a new Governance Operations Working Croup to bring the polling, IIP, Meta-Gov, Meta-Gov Proposal, and Election processes under one roof. There are several other WG proposals expected within the next week as the deadline is fast approaching.

Institutional Business WG highlighted that @Metfanmike and @setoshi did an excellent job of representing The Coop and the level of interest garnered as a result of attending Mainnet NYC has been quite high; the next Index Coop sponsored event-presence will be next week at Token 2049 in London. Otherwise, @BigSky7 noted that a focus of this week should be rallying around moving PAY forward as the size of the opportunity is quite large.

Product WG (20 attendees) slides
With @overanalyser on vacation we had @Cavalier_Eth at the conn and a good amount of open discussion around product liquidity. While Wintermute supplied some on-chain liquidity slippage is still high at low-trade levels on DATA. With the recent stoppage of liquidity mining incentives on MVI, organic liquidity dropped off sharply rather than move to Uniswap v3 as hoped. While there seemed to be a good amount of head nodding around the issue, no single topic seems to instigate more of a decentralization of opinion than the nuances of liquidity management. @Cavalier_Eth, @MrMadila, and myself are looking to get a group of interested Owls together to build consensus around how to address product liquidity at launch and beyond - if interested give a shout and we’ll get you in the conversation.

We ran through the Product Onboarding Tracker with PAY and iROBOT out ahead and both looking to progress in the coming weeks (tracker copied below). And lastly, @Cavalier_Eth and @TheYoungCrews are planning to do some work on product launch retrospectives which should aid greatly in iterative improvement efforts.

Tuesday Meetings: (UTC/1-hr, UON)
0400 - APAC Biweekly Sync
1400 - Institutional Business WG Meeting
1500 - Wizardry Weekly Call
OOO: @overanalyser

Daily DAOwlpha: Some Owls to follow on Twitter, here. Courtesy of @TheYoungCrews

- @mel.eth


Glad to hear that community appreciated our active engagement in the launch process - expect that to continue post-launch! We are excited to make DATA a smashing success!

Thank you for everyone who helped the launch and is currently help DATA succeed. Here’s a few people, though not everyone I would like to say “thank you” to!

  • @wishful_cynic and Wintermute for providing $1m in initial seed liquidity and supporting Titans of Data OTC purchases
  • @seblavoie for the amazing launch video and @codemathics for the banner in the blog post
  • @Financial-Freedom and @caf for content and marketing support - Thank you for jumping on so many calls with me in the 2 weeks leading up to the launch!
  • @Cavalier_Eth , @dylan , @0xModene , and @ncitron for getting the TokenSet and contracts created, product page stood-up, as well as Etherscan, CoinGecko, listings

(limited to 10 users to thank - see next commment…)


Thank you’s continued…

  • @TheYoungCrews for crushing it with influencer and wallet outreach
  • @pujimak_in and @Tudou for getting the ONTO AMA set-up for the day after launch and Chinese language announcement on Chainnews
  • Everyone else who played a part that I am forgetting (language ops team???)

THANK YOU ALL AGAIN FOR THE SUCCESSFUL LAUNCH !!! :partying_face: :partying_face:


It’s wonderful to see $JPG on the Tracker. Many thanks to the team for getting us to this stage.

We’re looking forward to the community call and everyone’s feedback. Onwards and upwards!