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Today we had the Growth WG meeting following an auspicious start to the Index 2.0 Workshop Series ™ as we kicked off with Finance of the Future Part 1. The Index 2.0 Workshops will serve to inform a series of coordinated improvements to DAO operations that will increase the organization’s autonomy, efficiency, and security. I will port the highlights here, but after attending the first I can confidently say that there will be no substitute for attendance as these meetings are over 50% active dialog with breakout sessions. If you can attend, I highly recommend it; if you cannot, I recommend staying tuned-in to the forum posts and dedicated discord channels. It’s been a meeting-heavy week and next is looking meatier; don’t DAO too hard this weekend.

Calls to Action:

  • Growth WG is looking for creative ideas and ways to visualize data; if that’s something you’re good at reach out to @MrMadila here or on discord.

Context Corner: (re Finance of the Future)

Finance of the Future (41 attendees) slides
Some brief context as presented by @Matthew_Graham on the call: There are 3 primary groups that manage the funding process: Treasury WG, Funding Council (formerly Treasury Committee), and POC WG. There are currently 4 multi-sigs for the 4 main IC accounts: Community Treasury, Investment Account, Operations Account, and the Funding Council.

Most of the conversation ahead of the breakout focused on the challenges of the current process (funding bottlenecks, lack of process, lack of accountability and tracking, lack of holistic consideration) with the breakout sessions challenging each group of approximately 7-Owls to assign the various responsibilities among the active parties. While the resulting kluge was left with @Pepperoni_Joe and crew to refine, there were areas of general consensus in terms of the importance of WGLs in the process and perhaps a reduction in the number of groups and/or accounts that manage community funds.

All Owls acted with empathy and respect, and the collective ~60+ Owl-hours of time dedicated to this task was well spent. Discussions following the meeting indicated significantly greater understanding of the specific challenges, potential solutions, and framework for how change might be implemented. This Owl arrived daunted and left highly optimistic.

Growth WG (17 attendees)
Opener: What’s your favorite sandwich? I don’t think we had any duplicate answers and we all left a bit hungrier. This opener had a second question relating to where crypto falls in the socio-political spectrum with “mostly anarchy and ________” (insert slightly better system than anarchy here) being a common theme, or as I termed it in the comments section of the chat, ‘anarchy++’.

Growth WG funds and executes on growth initiatives, currently most focused on twitter and marketing. GWG works hand-in-glove with all other WGs; these meetings are a great way to build context and find out where and how The Coop is reaching further into the ether. @Crypto_Texan’s twitter game has made the most impressions and there were discussions about how to start, run, and grow a successful twitter account. There’s likely enough interest in this area that if @Crypto_Texan were to run a short Owlpha-sharing session it would be well-attended. Again, if you’re looking to launch a campaign through the official account use the intake form in notion. Otherwise, the marketing campaign for the DATA product launch is being finalized, and there was also a mention of an investor-focused monthly newsletter on the horizon that we’re excited to see.

Engagement by women on Twitter is still at 9% and @caf has stated that this needs to be at 10% minimum by next week; if any of you know any women, please spam them relentlessly with links to the official account (there’s a linktree in the DAOwlpha below that should get you well on your way). If you are a woman, and haven’t already, feel free to stop by the #women-in-index channel and say hi - big things are happening.

Finally, I want to bring into focus the ‘differentiators’ highlighted by @Financial-Freedom while discussing the growing offerings of ‘off-chain’ indexing products by CEXs and legacy finance institutions. I’m porting this directly from the slide as I believe it’s that important; being able to discuss what makes our products unique will make you the life of every party you attend:

Governance Update (snapshot) by @sixtykeys

Monday Meetings: (UTC/1-hr, UON)
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2000 - Product WG
OOO: @Mringz thru Sep 6

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