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Apologies for being a night owl with today’s issue, fact is I was in four straight hours of meetings at the end of my day and my little Owl in training is turning 4-years old this weekend (his handle is @0xTaco, he hasn’t set up his account yet) and I’d made a promise to plan that weekend out with him. To that end we’ll be without cell service for a few days. I’m hoping that wood-fired hot-water showers are as rejuvenating as @overanalyser claims; with a soon-to-be-4-year old nearby at all times I don’t feel the odds are in my favor.

The Business Development WG meeting was productive, followed by an open discussion among 30 Owls both having and gaining context around the FLI fee split negotiations; the planned discussion with DeFi Pulse was canceled just prior. The Leadership Forum meeting was pushed to the following day.

Calls to Action:

Context Corner:

Business Development WG (20 attendees) slides / notion
Opener: What do people look forward to here at IC the most? Most answers revolved around the time spent with people here, the 1:1’s and the enthusiasm; @BigSky7 hit home when he said, that for him, it was seeing a new community member emerge.

Treasury sales are progressing with UMA having just minted $1MM of BED! While @oneski22 and @Miza took turns giving each other credit, the fact that this happened during the BD meeting was impressive. * yells ‘check the chain!’ *

On the partnership front @oneski22 is in touch with Aave re getting some pairs listed on their AMM and work continues with methodologists for the NFT Index. @Mringz has been focused on the scalability of BD, creating some templates around that, and running down a potential Cream listing. @jcooper highlighted the need for some comms between the DeFi partnerships and DAO Treasury Sales initiatives, brought to light by the meetings being now run through notion rather than slides.

There was extensive discussion about the Universities initiative, which is centered broadly around engaging with blockchain clubs, some of which are stewards of university assets. A huge top-of-the-talent-funnel opportunity here as well that might see some POC WG (@Pepperoni_Joe) cross-cutting in the coming months. There is also a pretty easy-to-follow thesis that universities may find a basket of DeFi or Metaverse or dare I say On-Chain Data Service Providers an attractive alternative when diversifying their endowments. Plugging into talent pools around the globe is certainly going to pay dividends.

The early stages of building out an investor directory are underway, the idea here being that the community will be able to interact and leverage this asset, making BD a community enterprise. I like the thinking here, as empowering all Owls to leverage their connections to mutual benefit will have immense network effects for ICs reach. @pujimak_in and @Tudou were cited as great examples of leveraging connections in the Chinese market.

Governance Update (snapshot) by @sixtykeys

Thursday Meetings: (UTC/1-hr, UON)
1000 - New Joiner [APAC]
1500 - Conversations with the Coop - Ben & Kila from Qi DAO
1600 - Creative & Design WG Bi-Weekly Meeting
1800 - Leadership Forum
2100 - Democracy, Governance and Attack Vectors

Daily DAOwlpha: If you are looking for a job in #crypto or #defi this is the single most important piece of advice. Join a top-tier DAO and commit to working on it for three months. You will learn more about crypto in those three months than anywhere else. - From a great Twitter unroll by @BigSky7

- @mel.eth


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