The sCoop - Contributor Newsletter - 2021.08.31 Tuesday

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  • Ambassador Update: Ren Protocol
  • The $DPI Pitch Deck is complete and can be found with a bevvy of other $DPI resources here, in the Index Coop Community Handbook. The Handbook is a good starting point for new Owls to gain broad context asynchronously. For the price of one-click and and 20 minutes of your time, you too can be a relative expert among family and friends on topics such as our products, our resources, and our community!

Institutional Business WG (14 attendees) (slides will be added when available)
Opener: Latest book or article you’ve read? From Twitter to Coingecko to Messari we had the crypto staples. My personal favorite was a book mentioned by FunkMasterFlex (if anyone knows the handle shout it out) that I ordered after the meeting: Capitalism without Capital: The Rise of the Intangible Economy. Hardcover, because I’m a boujie Owl. Enough about me . . .

The CBOE is digesting the Set White Paper and there will be discussions in the coming weeks. The BitGo co-education initiative is progressing. There are two events shaping up with @Metfanmike and @fallow8 leading the charge on a Happy Hour event following Mainnet 2021 and @MrMadila leading the charge on Token 2049 in London. I’m sure @MrMadila would be appreciative of all the cross-functional help and funding he can get as there is a booth (and some serious swag) being considered.

@kiba kicked off a conversation that continued today; the lion’s share of the meeting was dedicated to a proposed revenue share program for contributors that can provably demonstrate a portion of AUM (and thus streaming-fee) was the result of their efforts. Preceding the larger Index 2.0 discussions emerging, the plan as proposed by @Metfanmike was comprehensive and involved a 5-year decreasing share of revenue from 25% down to 5%. The discussion that ensued brought in a wide range of perspectives, and although challenges were identified none seemed to rise to the level of a blocker.

People Organization & Community WG (16 attendees) (more on the missing slides below)
Unlike @Metfanmike who pitched a fire idea and didn’t post slides, @Pepperoni_Joe took those lucky enough to attend on a spoken and visual journey, from his days exiting university, through some great haircuts (I understand why slides weren’t shared!) and a Darth Maul costume, to today. There’s value in knowing what motivates a leader, what their perceived strengths are, where their previous expertise lies, and how they came to this organization. It wasn’t recorded, but if @Pepperoni_Joe ever does it again I would recommend attending. I think The Coop has a special place in the hearts of those that left a traditional job to focus here full-time; we’re thankful that you took the leap, the time to share your story, and especially for the pictures.

The live-action CV transitioned well into a distillation of what POC will look like as it heads into the Index 2.0 discussions and beyond. A broad discussion ensued that ranged broadly around the topic of labor organization toward productive ends with @JMoss raising some great points on maintaining a high-level of whole-DAO inclusivity. @iluscavia sees The Coop developing as a network-of-networks, which I found to be a useful model. The discussion closed out with @MaryQ positing whether it’s more appropriate to think of the organization as a ‘DAO’ or ‘Coop’ . . . * quickly changes Twitter handle *

Governance Update (snapshot) by @sixtykeys

Wednesday Meetings: (UTC/1-hr, UON)
1600 - Business Development
1800 - Leadership Forum
OOO: @Mringz thru Sep 6

Daily DAOwlpha: @Pepperoni_Joe goes 2 for 2 this week with some advice on how to pitch an idea: Use loom to simul-record a presentation showing both your screen and self when pitching an idea asynchronously.

- @mel.eth


Thanks @mel.eth for the informative and insightful newsletter as usual. I was wondering if we have an Index Coop pitch deck which targets partners/ collaborators rather than contributors (which is what the handbook is mainly for). This is to promote IC brand as a whole rather than being focused on a single product. Also asking for my self-interest as this could be super useful for the influencer campaign.

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If it’s helpful, the latest Q3 DPI deck starts off with four slides that speak specifically to the Index Cooperative, its product suite, and position in the market broadly, before diving into the DPI product specifically.


Thanks @Metfanmike, will check that out.