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Only one Working Group meeting today on Institutional Business and some brief Wizardry shenanigans on discord. Tomorrow we pick-up with a busy-but-bullish Wednesday: Business Development and the Leadership Forum. Don’t forget, Thursday is the next Index 2.0 Workshop: Owl Levels and Compensation.

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Product WG (16 attendees) slides (meeting was on Sep 20, not covered in that issue)
Opener: What type of restaurant do you want to go to and where? The clear winners were Mexico for, well, Mexican food . . . and Italy for some pizza or seafood.

For the first time since Index Coop’s formation there are no liquidity incentives on any products; @overanalyser is monitoring the expected migration of liquidity for MVI from Uniswap v2 to v3. Although DATA is launching soon, PWG is focused on making the product onboarding process more robust and efficient. While as a general rule IC does not telegraph product launches, once the word goes out be prepared to hit the socials and get DATA out into the world! Check out Slide No. 21 or this link for an update on products in the pipeline (screenshot below).

A good portion of the open discussion time was dedicated to discussing liquidity: the various protocols that are managing liquidity as a service, v3 vs Sushi, and risks. @Mringz noted that direct-deployment of treasury assets can be a resource-heavy and potentially risky endeavor. There was some discussion as to delegating liquidity management to its own pod, with more to come as The Coop works toward a coordinated strategy of making sure that users of IC products are having the best experience possible

Institutional Business WG (16 attendees) meeting notes by @funkmasterflex
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The recent integration with Wintermute as Coop market maker was highlighted with @Metfanmike highlighting that IC got a great deal in terms of token supply that was required at 1%, with some protocols turning over up to 10% for the same service. @ajay55 is working with Onramp Invest as a potential custody solution for financial advisors.

infra · education · awareness
While it was noted that @Financial-Freedom has been creating some content, there is a need for content geared toward institutions more broadly. Reach out to @fallow8 or @Metfanmike if this is something you have ideas about and/or are good at.

infra · education · awareness
@Metfanmike and @fallow8 are at Mainnet in NYC knocking around and having the conversations that tend to lead to big things, like BitGo via Miami. @Metfanmike and @setoshi were on-stage yesterday discussing what index funds of the future will look like, and Index Coop co-sponsored an afterparty at a beautiful location in Times Square NYC along with Stake DAO, UMA, Perpetual Protocol. I had the pleasure of attending the afterparty, talked NFTs and yield aggregation with @Crypto_Texan, got more insight into just how plugged-in to the crypto space @oneski22 is, and was appropriately starstruck when @coopahtroopa rolled in. All in, a great event with more to come for those attending the remainder of the 3-day event.

There was some good discussion on how to leverage an event presence, with the ‘side-event’ notably preferred. Co-sponsoring events was cited as a great way to leverage funds and strengthen partnerships. Without lifting the veil, the IC presence at Token 2049 is likely to have an impact with all that crew has planned. Some alpha from @Eric_Tomaszewski: Ask about offsite events in conversations and always follow-up 1:1.

Governance Update (snapshot) by @sixtykeys

Wednesday Meetings: (UTC/1-hr, UON)
1600 - Business Development
1800 - Leadership Forum

OOO: @Metfanmike and @fallow8 (Messari Mainnet) thru Sep 22, @MrMadila thru Sep 24, @Pepperoni_Joe thru Sep 24, @Mringz (limited capacity) thru Sep 24

Daily DAOwlpha: While getting the best yield in DeFi is often considered a function of manual curation, Fuji DAO is building an on-chain yield optimizer (think 1inch for yield). The idea being: capital will be deployed into the best yield strategies and even ported elsewhere as yields become more favorable by using flashloans.

- @mel.eth