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Today we had the Weekly Planning and Product WG meetings; both well-attended given the US holiday. While the Token 2049 attendees looked a bit wiser, working group budgeting is firming up for Q4 and you can still vote for the stragglers listed below. Tomorrow we have Institutional Business, Analytics, Wizardry, and POC all meeting. Rest up and slick those feathers back, as the rest of the week is sure to come at pace.

Q4 Working Group Proposals:
Working Group Proposals [Digest] by @gregdocter
Discussion Live: Product Working Group - Request for Funding Q4 2021 by @Cavalier_Eth @overanalyser
Voting Live:
Forthcoming: TWG, POCWG

Calls to Action:

Product Spotlight:

Weekly Planning (44 attendees) slides
With no apparent first-time callers this week, the battle-hardened Owls stared unblinking into their screens as @BigSky7 opened by reminding us that our wins don’t come when we are at our most brilliant, but when we show-up committed to solving our common problems; that given our distributed nature, professionalism is paramount; that communication needs to be clear among responsible parties as the noise ratio is ever increasing.

We didn’t choose the DAO life fellow Owls, the DAO life chose each and every one of us.

For the first time BTC2x-FLI lead the products in terms of weekly capital inflow, but like last week things have been trading relatively slow. The NFT Blue Chip index ($JPG) passed DG1 with 100% voting for; otherwise, the week was relatively quiet on the governance-front while working group formation and budgeting took center stage. PWG noted some liquidity challenges and EWG noted that rebalances were costly this month and required nearly 200 trades for DPI. @edwardk otherwise noted that the OTC contracts had been funded, work has started on a liquidity analysis tool, and that now has direct Ledger support!

@MrMadila returned with a swag-bag full of Owlpha from Token 2049, including that the world is a lot more multi-chain than us ETH maxis thought, and that regulation is still a key concern; special shout to @caf for making us all look good over in London. @Static121 noted that DWG (the WG formerly known as CDWG) will be sorting through footage of the Token 2049 event this week. @Mringz gave a Coop-wide shout for support of the BD strategy and gave a shout to @bradwmorris and @funkmasterflex for getting the BD onboarding process spun-up.

@Pepperoni_Joe signaled that the cavalry is on the way for all those staring at blank notion templates in the coming weeks; POC is planning to help, more to come. It’s official, we have a few new WGs to note, but let’s be honest, we could hear the bass thumping hard as the APWG bus approached for some time now - welcome to the WG fam (until the remaining newly-formed WGs get a slide up in the weekly deck, the spotlight is all yours @pujimak_in)!

There was a brief update on tri-lateral discussions by @BigSky7 noting that that they have been humbling and productive. @fallow8 noted that he’s satisfied with the direction that things are moving re FLI products as a lot of detail is being fleshed out.

Product WG (17 attendees) slides
@overanalyser kicked-off the meeting with a discussion around liquidity of the MVI and DATA products with the result being that a dedicated team will be looking into product liquidity in Q4. It was noted that having some insight into planned liquidity provisions by our market making partner would be helpful, perhaps with @Metfanmike being able to make the proper introductions. Currently marching toward DG2 are YHI and iETH, with iETH potentially launching directly on Polygon. @afromac is looking at gaining some efficiencies through modularizing the launch process and potentially even batching several products into a single IIP, and noted that they are looking into the development of a subgraph so as to not rely on coingecko for risk modelling. Otherwise, @MrMadila noted that the most common index that was inquired after at Token 2049 was an NFT index, followed by L1 and L2 simple indices.

Some structural changes in the newly proposed Product WG, with @Cavalier_Eth taking the lead, @overanalyser looking to specialize more in liquidity, @puniaviision interfacing more on the Set side, and @Abel providing more support to the WG and methodologists. Ready the product-launch cannons, and into Q4 we go!

Tuesday Meetings: (UTC/1-hr, UON)
0400 - APAC Bi-weekly Sync
1400 - Institutional Business WG Meeting
1600 - Analytics WG
1800 - Wizardry Weekly Call
1800 - Index Coop Framework - StratOp Intro
2000 - POC Tea Time (geared toward new Owls, 30 mins, discord: [ POC Tea Time :coffee: ])
OOO: @BigSky7 Oct 13-23, @fallow8 Oct 13-14, @MrMadila Oct 16-24 (Lisbon)
@oneski22: stepping back from day-to-day

Daily DAOwlpha: Liquidity of our products and the underlying tokens is one of the most important things we do and we need to understand it better. - @overanalyser

- @mel.eth