The sCoop - Contributor Newsletter - 2021.09.29 Wednesday

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On the day we had the Business Development WG and Leadership Forum meetings, as well as a community call on the proposed $JPG Index. Next week we’ll have Q4 planning, ongoing Index 2.0 initiatives, WG proposal/renewal deadlines, and increased focus on the methodologist negotiations . . . smash that notification button on @HOWweDAO to stay up to speed!

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Business Development WG (17 attendees) notion
Opener: Who do you look up to in Crypto? Some contributors had really nice reflections the impact that the more seasoned Owls have had on them here at IC. The most common non-contributor (but solid community member) mention: @sassal and The Daily Gwei for leveling us up every day.

A big ongoing win for BD with credit going mainly to @Matthew_Graham and @Miza is that Fei Protocol have increased their planned DPI purchase from $10MM to $50MM!

The fact that @BigSky7 can state that Index Coop has the best BD team in DeFi without a whiff of hyperbole is perhaps the greatest single indicator of ongoing success by this WG; building lasting relationships with other protocols at the forefront of crypto-innovation is how The Coop gains ground and stays well-ahead. Getting our products listed as collateral reduces sell-pressure, and getting integrated on side-chains is how we meet users where they congregate. BD has a plan.

BDWG (with some welly from @funkmasterflex) might also have pulled into the lead with the best notion board in DeFi; having perused today it’s packed with resources. One of the stated goals of BD is to have a relatively autonomous system of asynchronous interaction and communication through the notion board, and as a resource toward that end it’s well on the way. There is still some build-out required around the calendar; @BigSky7 noting that the administrative tasks are the most pressing at present and that taking ownership of tasks is of critically high importance.

The big priority this week will be getting Q4 goals communicated in the forum, with the underlying theme being BDWG is a place where motivated contributors can make their home in DeFi. With the early success of the APAC vertical within BDWG, part of the Q4 roadmap envisions laying the foundation for three more regionally-focused groups, perhaps around Lat-Am, Africa, and Eastern Europe. If you have regional expertise this could be an incredible opportunity to follow in the pioneering footsteps of @pujimak_in by blazing a trail to an untapped region. I still have @Cavalier_Eth’s words ringing in my brain, “There’s no such thing as too much initiative in a DAO.” Go get 'em Owls.

$JPG Community Call (17 attendees) slides | recording
The tl;dr: a curated collection of non-fungible collectible art tokens that are available via fractionalization/liquidation platforms via vaults (NFTX, Fractional). The presentation by @JosephKnecht was Insightful, compact, and is well worth watching if you’re looking to give feedback in the forum as this proposed product heads to DG1.

Leadership Forum (22 attendees) slides
On the governance front: a newly proposed Governance Operations WG is looking for feedback in the forum, IIPs-85 through -88 have achieved quorum and are expected to pass, and get a POAP for voting on DG1 for the proposed Polygon Diversified Index (PDI)!

There was some good discussion around the planned approach for wrapping-up methodologist negotiations with DeFi Pulse on future FLI products. With concern and focus both high, the desired outcome of building positive-sum partnerships that last many years into the future will be top of mind.

What Owls need to know: WGLs and community members will each be electing one representative to work with @BigSky7, @setoshi, and @scott_lew_is via a two-part approach outlined well here, to be concluded by September 8. At that point, a forum post will outline the results of the negotiation and seek community approval. It is important to stay tuned-in to discord and the forum for news on the election process, and then port comments and concerns to the chosen representative.

The remainder of the meeting was a recap of the Index 2.0 session addressing Owl Levels and Compensation with some color added by @Metfanmike around Owl Level based contribution expectations; a forum post is expected in the coming days.

Thursday Meetings: (UTC/1-hr, UON)
1500 - New Joiner
1600 - Creative & Design Bi-Weekly (45-min)
1900 - Growth WG Meeting
2000 - Conversations with the Coop - Bored Elon Musk, DeFi Alliance (drop questions here)
OOO: @overanalyser

Daily DAOwlpha: Worth checking the BDWG notion board and with DAO Treasury Sales team (@Miza and @bax86) first to coordinate, but @funkmasterflex created a template, making it super easy to propose a treasury diversification in another protocol’s forum. Please post responsibly when encouraging other protocols to ape responsibly.

- @mel.eth


“Ape responsibly” lol

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Yoooo thanks @mel.eth. The proposal was mostly just copy pasta from @Matthew_Graham and @HelloShreyas. @bax86 and @Miza are DAO treasury gods :raised_hands: so hit them up if you got a treasury lead. The template is a great start for a forum post, but do “ape responsibly” and respect the power of the forum. Here is an example of what NOT to do on forums

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