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Business Development WG (20 attendees) slides / notion
Opener: What was the first dApp you used? We had the expected DEX fair of Uni and 1inch, and two Owls that jumped right into a Set Vault, but my favorite was @Miza calling himself ‘basic’ for starting out with Aave (at the time, in @miza’s head, it rhymed with ‘rave’). We’ve all come a long way since our nonce was ‘1’.

@BigSky7 managed to pack a ton of useful context into an hour. Outlining why market making is important, running through the updated BD notion framework, and getting deep into the progress against Q3 goals:

  • 40% of DPI held in leading DeFi money markets (21%/40%) [XXXXXxxxxx]
  • $20MM of liquidity on Polygon ($545k/20MM - non-IC blockers) [Xxxxxxxxxx]
  • $30MM of IC products in DAO treasuries ($10.1MM/$30MM) [XXXxxxxxxx]

(Don’t be jealous of my high-tech progress-bar skillzzz.) Building out and leveraging notion is expected to be an area of heavy focus for BD in the coming weeks. @BigSky7 has been otherwise focused on formalizing the process for recruiting external methodologists.

There are 5 investor calls later this week, reach out to @BigSky7 if you’d like to join. On that front, there was some discussion around how investors think about and interact with DAOs, highlighting that communicating strategy is important, with resources and pipeline generally being areas of discussion. On the integration front, a big win with getting $DPI listed as collateral on Aave (I’ve supplied some, it felt great, highly recommend) and @oneski22 pursuing a Yearn Vault for $DPI . . . exciting time to be an Owl!

The treasury diversification initiative has some solid momentum with over half a dozen conversations ongoing and a lot of interest via the surveys that @Miza and team have circulated (perhaps even helping to build a database of contacts and other useful information). The team gave a shout to funkmasterflex#7870 for their efforts in the conversations. In this realm of activity, Visor Finance bought $100k worth of $BED. @ansteadm raised the prospect of NFT DAOs having an appetite for diversified treasury assets, opening up a potential line of conversation, and feeling timely with a prominent NFT collector and DAO founder tweeting about making some $INDEX purchases.

Leadership Forum (29 attendees) slides
The Index 2.0 discussion kicks off tomorrow with Finance of the Future Part 1. There are three more sessions scheduled for next week; @BigSky7 reminding us that although our focus will be split, it should not be diverted from building the best possible crypto-indexes. Details are being finalized on the remainder of the OTC sale to our investment partners; any further feedback should be given expeditiously in the forum.

There was some discussion about the upcoming (Sep 8) conversation with DeFi Pulse regarding the fee split on FLI products… @afromac encouraged all Owls to build context and attend. There is a strong desire among the Owls working in this pod (and broadly) to launch more products soon.

Governance Update (snapshot) by @sixtykeys

Thursday Meetings: (UTC/1-hr, UON)
1500 - New Joiner
1500 - Conversations with the Coop: Alex W from IDEX (think CEX throughput, DEX security)
1630 - Finance of the Future Part 1 (1.5 hrs)
1900 - Growth WG
OOO: @Mringz thru Sep 6

Daily DAOwlpha: Today, a question. Recently we have heard DAOs compared to sovereign states, as they are beholden to no existing government, make and administer their own laws, and have issued their own ‘currencies’. What additional responsibilities to members (and others) do DAOs have given that protections otherwise afforded through centuries of jurisdictional rule-making do not strictly apply?

- @mel.eth


@oneski22 @BigSky7 Could one of you share the BD Notion doc and framework with me? Thanks!

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:eyes: look out @caf - @MrMadila flexing the Creative/Design muscles! I actually do love that bar graph @MrMadila - I’m going to steal it for all future progress bars!


haha indeed that’s a good one, love it!

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