The sCoop - Contributor Newsletter - 2021.10.19 Tuesday

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Today we had the Institutional Business and Analytics WG meetings, along with Wizardry, a New Joiner feedback call, and TOC Tea Time. Several Owls ran through Future Framework session no. 3 today and there was discussion of opening the sessions up to The Coop more broadly, so stay tuned and for now reach out to @nic if you’d like to challenge your thinking around the problems that Owls in this DAO are working to solve.

Tomorrow the Business Development Working Group meeting will mark the midway point on the week. The Leadership Forum will also meet to provide some high-level sync and awareness; if you contribute to more than one WG you’ll likely find it useful.


Q4 WG Funding:

Product Spotlight:

Institutional Business WG (22 attendees) notion
Today we had a strong presence from the Asia+Pacific WG in the IBWG meeting; night-Owls always welcome! I’ll plan to drop into next APWG meeting and get together with @pujimak_in on setting up permanent coverage for sCoop!

IBWG continue to execute on the two-pillar strategy of Infrastructure+Education; planning to get a legal opinion on DPI in the US and a call scheduled with WM in the coming week to discuss strategy. @fallow8 opened discussion on potential off-chain strategies; while noting that ‘on-chain’ may be viewed as a strategic differentiator, nonetheless exploring options, given where institutional interest currently lies. Meeting our product users ‘where they are at’ can be difficult; guiding legacy institutions on-chain can sometimes prove to be a non-starter. @karlosrios brings some solid industry experience to the conversation and will be working with @fallow8 and @Metfanmike to further explore viability.

@Eric_Tomaszewski continues to pursue the family-office strategy (graphic below); given that the turnaround can take some time the message remains, “when you’re more comfortable allocating to DeFi, we’re here for you.” With on-chain brand-recognition fairly high there is a push to increase off-chain awareness in the space. @Eric_Tomaszewski highlighted that advisors need simplicity, a diversified fund is ideal, and IC has the best construct in this regard.

The positive sum relationship between APWG+LOWG+IBWG was discussed at the back-half of the meeting, with @Vanita giving insight into low DEX usage in India and @Metfanmike noting that APWG armed with LOWG translated IBWG resources will help The Coop meet potential product users where they’re at. Otherwise @fallow8 noted that IBWG is not likely to be supporting exchange listings that have fees (other WGs may).

Analytics WG (15 attendees) notion | dune | (bow-nus dune by @anthonyb.eth)
Some brief introductions at the top of the meeting pivoted into an impromptu tagline contest with @jdcook pronouncing @anthonyb.eth the undisputed winner: Analytics WG: It’s really fun and I like it a lot. Honorable mention from @TheYoungCrews: AWG: Powerhouse of Capability & Influence.

Given that AWG supports every WG here at The Coop, we’ll hit the high-levels. @jdcook is looking at some profitability modelling that may help inform the viability of future simple-indices product selection and launch-timing and is otherwise keen to get IC its own subgraph, noting that any KPI data that is currently pulled from Dune would ideally be pulled from a subgraph. Additionally AWG is looking to support the up-and-coming Liquidity POD and @jdcook is progressed along a strategy with Olympus DAO on INDEX liquidity, with a proposal expected to hit the forum soon. Underlying token liquidity analysis may also help to reduce rebalancing costs.

@anthonyb.eth is working on the live financial statement (real-time financials, how crypto), as well as leveraging some services for an off-chain dashboard that Growth WG can utilize. @jdcook highlighted that Twitter data may provide insight into potentially beneficial protocol partnerships, with an eye toward protocols that don’t currently have followings that overlap heavily with our own. @anthonyb.eth otherwise noted that there are some low-tech (etherscan mainly) queries that he could use some help on; reach out directly if interested ( @anthonybowman #1559 on discord ).

While these learnings were relative to GOWG: any new WG looking to leverage the deep talent pool over at AWG should get a list of KPIs together that the group is looking to track and get together with @jdcook to see how to best build and track.

Wednesday Meetings: (UTC/1-hr, UON)
1600 - Business Development
1800 - Leadership Forum
OOO: @BigSky7 Oct 13-23, @MrMadila/@afromac/@Lavi Oct 16-24 (Lisbon)

Daily DAOwlpha: Throwback Tuesday! Just an incredible amount on context by @puniaviision via video recorded in mid-April '21 on early product learnings, and to a great extent why The Coop looks the way it does today! Thanks for dropping the video in the chat @nic!

- @mel.eth