The sCoop - Contributor Newsletter - 2021.11.08 Monday

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Today we kicked-off with the Weekly Planning meeting then skrrrrt’d on over to the Product WG meeting. Tomorrow is packed with Institutional Business, Analytics, Wizardry and TOC all meeting on the day, with a Token Terminal Index community call in the mix. Please note that there is an attendance strongly requested Index 2.0 themed leadership meeting on Wednesday with some pithy-pre-reading curated by @kindeagle dropped in a first comment below! This will be the time to question and challenge the process so that this complex initiative can hit the governance forum fully-baked.

You may have noticed that this newsletter was covered by @kindeagle last week while I was away; words cannot express my gratitude. This week please give a hearty ‘hoot hoot!’ as @kindeagle joins the writing staff here at The sCoop to bring you this newsletter on Wednesdays and Thursdays!


Product Spotlight:

Weekly Stand Up (44 attendees) slides
MGC nominations are live with two of the five slots opening up; elections are expected to start this coming week.

If your scrolling finger can handle the reps required to hit the bottom of the Index Coop’s discord channels you’ll soon be seeing something a bit cleaner as the IIP discussion process will be confined to the forum, with visibility still being elevated through a dedicated announcement channel. IBWG had a big win this past week, and my sanity as a reporter is finally restored as I can now stop translating, “Large US Custodian is in the works” to Coinbase Custody now supports DPI! This was noted at the first Token Set on Coinbase, hopefully in a long line.

WIC WG kicked off the formation of this broad WG initiative with a party last week and have coalesced around ‘Cultivation Cohort’ for the mentorship initiative that will be three-phased: Incubation, Cultivation, Acceleration. Otherwise WIC are working to best understand how the evolving DAO structure taking shape through the Index 2.0 process will mesh with the Cultivation initiative.

The Automated Indices Pod (A.I.Pod) is looking to onboard an Owl with quant modelling experience and have been otherwise expanding the framework for what constitutes ‘Automated’. While rebalances on DPI and MVI have been challenging, the recent DPI rebalance was regarded as a success by EWG and an improved exchange-issuance contract is underway.

If you’re multi-lingual drop on into the LOWG discord channel and say hey to get involved. GMWG reminds everyone that impression mining is still alive and pumping out a legacy fiat denominated $10 (don’t worry, converted back into INDEX tokens before reward-time) for every 1,000 impressions garnered on Twitter (per tweet, not cumulative, I checked). So go stack those Hamiltons!

Product WG (14 attendees)
@afromac expanded a bit on the A.I.Pod’s foray into supporting some more exotic product strategies, such as momentum trading. Otherwise @afromac is working on getting parameters updated on Aave to support a leveraged MATIC product and noted that the risk-model prototype is thiiis close to being complete.

@overanalyser ran through the current thinking around incentivizing MVI liquidity to Uniswap v3, noting that the specification of IIP-96 may not have the impact that was envisioned at the time the proposal was put forth; some modification is expected to be proposed as IIP execution has been paused while under review.

@JosephKnecht is working through the more granular liquidity challenges around JPG with Visr and Sushi Miso currently in the lead. Otherwise there are currently two products up for DG1 and a DG2 vote live for the iROBOT index, so please go vote!

Tuesday Meetings: (UTC/1-hr, UON)
1500 - Institutional Business WG
1600 - Analytics WG
1700 - Token Terminal Community Call
1800 - Wizardry Weekly Call
2000 - TOC Tea Time (discord: [ TOC Tea Time :coffee: ] )
OOO: @jdcook Nov 10-13, @ElliottWatts Nov 11-13, @emault Nov 13-19, @DocHabanero Nov 19-26, @Cavalier_Eth Nov 22-28 (getting hitched)

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Useful pre-reading ahead of Wednesday’s leadership call curated by @kindeagle:

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