The sCoop - Contributor Newsletter - 2021.11.11 Thursday

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Today kicked off with Governance Ops and WIC WG got back to business after last week’s party time. And the bi-weekly Growth + Marketing WG meetup wrapped Thursday at the Coop. Tomorrow LATAM gets together and they’re be ‘Fridays with the Coop’ over on the Twitter Spaces. Hoot! Hoot!

No newsletter on Fridays, so if I don’t see you tomorrow have a lovely weekend and see everyone at Monday’s Weekly Standup


Product Spotlight:

Governance Operations WG Meeting (5 attendees) notion

@lavi provided an update that the MGC member nomination post is live in the Forum and will be open for a total of 7 days. For this round, there are 2 open seats to fill. The previous member, David Silverman, and Penn Blockchain are both seeking nomination to continue their roles. Snapshot voting is set to begin early next week. Each MGC member serves a 6-month term, so the 3 other seats will be up for grabs in February.

Interested community members are encouraged to reach out to the GOWG members as they seek contributors to the group. Opportunities to be onboarded to help with POAPs & Analytics and to serve as Governance reps & MetaGovernance deputies are a few of the group’s needs. @mel.eth and @lavi expressed the importance of having an adequate backup for active community members to gain additional context, fill in when needed, and serve as a source of internal feedback.

@mel.eth brought up the need for a dedicated system to track governance activities and reminders for voting on different initiatives. The timeline for different Index Coop proposals or products is difficult to track from the first introduction to a final decision. So a dedicated calendar or tracker (@Elmit suggested a Gatt Chart within notion) would be beneficial to get tabs on the timelines and status of governance items.

Next @lavi discussed the overload of information in Discord with every proposal having its own channel which needs to be deprecated. These conversations have shifted to the Forum so they are just adding more bloat and not being used in the Discord.

An upcoming goal of the WG is to take all the aggregate and create a single place for all governance processes to live. Currently, the documentation is spread out amongst Notion, Gitbook, Old IIPs within the Forum.

Zeblelie from Balancer Grants joined the call today in his role as an ambassador with Kyber Network. He summarized his understanding of our past attempts at collaboration on a number of joint efforts that ended up not moving forward. Kyber Network is very interested in developing a Polygon/$MVI/$DPI and some co-marketing campaigns with Index Coop. @Mringz & @lavi gave some clarity that in the past the partnerships start with a full proposal. So if needed, the GOWG would be happy to provide additional help/clarity to Zeb/Kuber about the process. @mel.eth mentioned that a spot in the Coop’s future Learn to Earn may be an option and he would connect Zeblelie with the GMWG.

Next Weeks
GOWG is working to clearly define the roles so those outside the working group or those who wish to contribute can understand both the roles and rewards structure.

  • Governance Rep → IIP forum @mel.eth
  • Product Rep → DG1 & DG2 proposals are created in the right way @Mringz
  • MetaGovernance Operations @lavi

There will be an upcoming forum post for additional context regarding the above roles and how the compensation model is shifting from a fixed monthly amount to an activity/jobs done model. Utilizing ARCx as a governance passport and the pros/cons were discussed including their team flexibility to “build what we need” and providing activity reports with regards to governance engagement amongst the community.

Women + Non-Binary in Crypto (12 attendees)
The WIC is making strides to find ways to reach across and contribute to other working groups. Events and networking was a strong theme today and finding ways to continue to build strong connections between all members of the DAO.

@jujube shared the win that was last week’s kickoff event. Along with being well-attended, it gave WIC and other members of Index Coop a chance to come together to share ideas, understand how cross-functional connections can be formed, and last but not least, add that great POAP designed by @jujube into our wallets.

@chasechapman highlighted how in the breakout rooms one theme of conversation was around discovering talent, attracing a more diverse group of contributors and helping them find working groups. Education was also a big interest within the group.

Events are a great opportunity to help the WIC start making tracking to these goals and to keep building bridges within the Coop. Upcoming events discussed included: WIC Tea Time, WIC Speed Networking (Nov. 18th), DAO Contributor AMA, and Index 101 Workshops. @aakansha suggested that it would be good if one of the events included an introduction to the scope and work going on within each WG.

@jujube gave a brief overview of the onboarding process including the pronoun channel on Discord to add to the profile and the objective of having the WIC WG explicitly mentioned. @aakansha and @catjam are working on improving the notion so the group directory, bounties, opportunities within are more public-facing.

Cultivation Cohort is the WIC’s internal onboarding and support pathway for new joiners. They assist in orienting women & non-binary individuals to the Coop at large and help get them set up with a working group where they can contribute. The idea of brining in WG leads into cohort was discussed and @Mringz stated that BD has their own WG onboarding to help bring contributors up to speed. A significant amount of context is needed for their specific tasks.

Growth + Marketing WG (17attendees) slides
People were definitely more open about “shilling their bags” than was the case two weeks ago. Fake eth newbies and the eth poor gathered round as the @TheYoungCrews and his fellow ENS airdrop recipients rejoiced at their good fortune.

@caf got the meeting started with some beautiful and functional visuals tying together the teams actions to KPIs. Handing over to her co-marketing lead, @MrMadila outlined the strategy on social media and content marketing. So far a stready stream consistent content has been shared on Twitter and the blog. Article views and read rates are above projected with Twitter impression lagging a little in October.

Web traffic is up 50% in October and was likely bouyed thanks to a Sweet Baby Ray’s enthusiast that changed the name of his startup and used the word “metaverse” a lot. A partnership with Dharma wallet has kicked off with an promotion with the purchase of $DPI & $MVI, including Polygon.

New to the world of ETH, @anthonyb.eth broke down some of the analytics being used to determine the success and revenue generated from Index products. Having clear metrics that don’t alter depending on the price of the underlying asset can be tricky, but work is being done to to provide new wayto measure inflow, outflows and movement of Coop products.

@caf jumped back in to reiterate the goal of getting Index Coop channels back up to a professional standard. This is main objective of the Socials & Video Pods to help index new followers → customers.

If any WG has a request for a social media post, the Content Intake Form on notion is the way to make it happen.

@Static121 gave an update about educational video content and the need for it across the Coop. Education will be leveraged as content for social. A lot of educational initiative are being talked about at IC, so Video & Socials pods are trying to coordinate and eliminate chaos around this need.

@caf touched on the need for copywriters to help in the development of this educational content. The core 4 social channels that are being focused on are: Twitter, YouTube, TikTok, Instagram and open to Facebook & LinkedIn as well. The goal is to have a well-coordinated approach to limit duplication of creative and copy.

@LemonadeAlpha touched on some of the paid and PR outreach efforts which include @Metfanmike making an appearance on the Animal Spirits podcast which is big with RIAs and a video plug for $MVI on a new Bankless show about the metaverse. @lee0007 recommend a PR agency that might be good fit. @DocHabanero discussed the results of some of their persona interviews and where along the customer journey our products meet them. Once they think DeFi is magic, they lose interest.

Friday Meeting: (UTC/1-hr, UON)
1430 - LATAM
2000 - ‘Fridays with the Coop’ on Twitter Spaces @MrMadila @BigSky7 @Crypto_Texan @LemonadeAlpha

Monday Meetings: (UTC/1-hr, UON)
1600 - Weekly Planning
2000 - Product WG

OOO: @jdcook: Nov 10-23, @ElliottWatts Nov 11-13, @emault Nov 13-19, @DocHabanero Nov 19-26, @Cavalier_Eth Nov 22-28 (getting hitched)

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