The sCoop - Contributor Newsletter - 2021.11.03 Wednesday

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Business Development WG meeting, DAO Revolution community call, and Leadership Forum today; New Joiner [APAC] kicks off Thursday meetings. Tomorrow we’ll celebrate Women + NB of Index WG with a Kickoff Party, Governance Operations WG meets, along with the bi-weekly meeting of the DWG.

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Business Development (22 attendees) notion | BDWG Dune by @anthonyb.eth
The recent news of Index Coop products’ TVL hitting $500MM AUM brought some serious good vibes to the call . . . and it looks there’s no slowing down as we march towards a target of $1 billy by Q1 2022.

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The first half of the meeting provided a rundown of relationship-building efforts and planning around distributing our products on L2 solutions. Issues related to generating demand and providing incentives for Polygon were discussed. The product road maps of $GMI & $JPG were briefly reviewed along with KeeperDAO’s decision to pass on $DPI after feeling it was too correlated and similar to $BED.

@Miza and the DAO Treasury Team continue to make inroads and bang the drum of diversifying DAO treasuries with Index Coop products. He identified two current roadblocks:

  1. Many DAOs don’t understand why they need to diversify and how this reduces risk
  2. Token holders within DAOs tend to be hoarders of their native tokens

Treasury Relations presents a huge opportunity to help facilitate the adoption of Index Coop products. SushiShop is onboard and discussions are ongoing with the treasuries from ShapeShift DAO, QiDAO, Toronado, and Uniswap.

There’s room on the BD team for contributors. So Owlets or others interested should check out the notion and get in contact with @funkmasterflex.

@funkmasterflex also provided a brief overview of the efforts to engage with university blockchain clubs. These clubs represent a great opportunity to build relationships with talent and develop win-win collaboration opportunities. For example, UC Berkeley Blockchain Club currently has 80 grad and undergrad students.

@vanita from APAC BD filled in the group about their efforts which focused on working on gaining awareness of IC products especially on Polygon, liquidity mining on PancakeSwap, and working with crypto/blockchain influencers on social media.

Last but not least @Miza announced that in response to the recent CREAM hack, $DPI holders affected would receive 100 $DPI. Supporting our partners and customers in good times and bad is core to our principles as an organization. While it’s unlikely to cover all their losses, this act of good faith is the right thing to do.

DAO Revolution - Community Call (18 attendees) info/methodology | video

@overanalyser held down the MC role for today’s DAO Revolution community call.

@stefdelev @luukdao provided an overview of the backgrounds and dug into why an index-based DAO product is worth pursuing. The DAOs under consideration for the index are categorized into 3 main buckets: DAO Infrastructure, Developer DAO, and Creator DAO. The focus is builders and tooling and less about DAOs that govern a financial primitive or fund.

One of the major challenges they addressed that’s facing this index is liquidity. If there’s no liquidity on ETH, the DAO was not considered to be a part of the index. Onchain governance and a certain ratio of slippage/size of the TVL were also taken into consideration. The index would be built on Token Sets.

Next steps: DP1, finalize the list & allocation of assets and look into more potential solutions around addressing liquidity issues

Leadership Forum (26 attendees) slides
This might have set the speed record for quickest Leadership Forum, but block off your calendars because there are some major items for next week’s forum that you don’t want to miss (see the :rotating_light: & image at the top of the sCoop.)

@Pepperoni_Joe led off the proceedings by introducing a list of 10 core decision-making truths that were distilled from recent feedback. The community was asked, “what does good look like, for Leadership and Governance at Index Coop?”. Answers gathered were distilled into the list below:

@mrvls_brkfst mentioned that none of the 10 listed items included “decentralization”. This list is still being refined and that omission was noted as something to rectify.

@gregdocter will hand over ownership of the Index Coop Discord server to @Pepperoni_Joe.

Last but not least, next week’s Leadership Forum is a must-attend. So make sure you grab a few of your fellow :owl: :owl: and block out that day/time: November 10, 1800 - Leadership Forum

I’m working with @Pepperoni_Joe to compile a must-read/watch list of resources. The goal is to help those new to the Coop and community members develop a better understanding of the topics so all feel welcome and empowered to take part in next week’s important forum.

Thursday Meetings: (UTC/1-hr, UON)
0700 - New Joiner [APAC]
1400 - Governance Operations WG Meeting
1500 - Kickoff Party! Women + NB of Index WG
1600 - DWG Bi-Weekly Meeting

@pujimak_in: 10/31 - 11//7
@mel.eth @bax86 @Metfanmike @fallow8: 11/1-4 - NFT.NYC
@jdcook: Nov 10-23
@Cavalier_Eth: 11/22 - getting married
@overanalyser @MrMadila: 11/25-28 - Coinfest

Daily DAOwlpha:
NFTs, DAOs, and web3 continue to blow my mind. You could:

  • Be anonymous
  • Be anywhere in the world
  • Be someone with no degree, no fancy experience
  • Launch an NFT project that sells $1b in 12 months
  • Launch a DAO that employs thousands and changes lives

Exciting times - :bird: @gregisenberg

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