The sCoop - Contributor Newsletter - 2021.12.13 Monday

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Today, a standard Monday with our Weekly Stand Up. Tuesday kicks off a day full of open meetings with APAC Business Development, F.Nest - Money Talks, followed up by Wizardry, and TOC.


FLI has Landed! And Some New Proposals Are on the Horizon

Weekly Stand Up (48 attendees) slides
We’re celebrating! ETH2x-FLI has successfully launched on Polygon and we’ve got more products in the works. And big news for sCoop: Founder @mel.eth has officially handed over sCoop to @kindeagle. Reach out if you’re interested in getting involved in the future of IC communications.

@anthonyb.eth kicked us off with a few growth analytics: unit supply, net dollar flow, and trade volume was down in the last week, but things are looking up: today, net dollar flows are over $2 million. Also, it’s been an “awesome” week for our new product ETH2x-FLI on Polygon. Since its launch last Thursday, we’ve made about $1200 in revenue.

@Lavi welcomed new contributor @Puncar, who is mid-onboarding. And for Notion users, the IIP prototype tracker on Notion is ready! With that, an important reminder that IIPs should be submitted by December 20. GOWG will be around during Christmastime but with reduced availability.

Last week, @chasechapman and the Women & NB team hosted How to DAO with Women in Index on Twitter Spaces. If you missed it, don’t worry—they’re going to be hosting an Index 101 Workshop with @rashmiashok11 (tentatively) next week before Christmas. They’re working on establishing IC as a top-of-funnel talent recruiter, perhaps through weekly Twitter Spaces. If you have ideas, reach out to @jujube!

As @TheYoungCrews said, “FLI has landed on Polygon!” @DocHabanero updated us on product onboarding as the puns kept coming in the chat. Another good one came from @kindeagle, “Come FLI with me.” Upcoming product launches include $GMI, $LDI, and $MATIC-2x. Also, the Snapshot for $GMI DG2 starts today; details are on the forum. Go vote!

@caf is also celebrating the successful launch of ETH2x-FLI, with 68.8k Impressions on the launch post! ETH2x-FLI is live on Dharma and Sushi rewards are live. Another massive shoutout to @TheYoungCrews, whom @Static121 thanked “for being literally everywhere.” Growth and Marketing is working on a standardized crisis response workflow, possibly through a PR Pod. Reach out to @kindeagle with any thoughts!

Some news BD to look forward to, by @Mringz: Next week, DPI-DAI is launching Vesper Earn, and we’re listing INDEX on Beta Finance with incentives. Also, @TheYoungCrews will be repping IC on Vesper Twitter Space at 21:55 UTC today.

@Metfanmike has the update on institutional business: a draft of a legal opinion regarding whether our products like DPI will be considered as securities will be in by Wednesday this week. This will determine where we can take IC locationally.

As IC moves from working groups to nests and pods, @pujimak_in Talent, Ops, and Change celebrated the launch of the People Nest last week. Requests for feedback on core tooling changes will be hit the forum this week.

Finally, from @Matthew_Graham and the F.Nest: month-end close is on Wednesday with contributor rewards due to today. On the forum, there’s a new proposal to discuss purchasing back INDEX on market.

Tuesday Meetings: (UTC/1-hr, UON)
0400 - APAC || Business Development
1600 - Money Talks F.Nest AMA ([discord: Money Talks F.Nest AMA :moneybag: ] )
1900 - Wizardry Weekly Call
2000 - TOC Tea Time (discord: [ TOC Tea Time :coffee: ] )

OOO: @Lavi Dex 23-27, Dec 29-Jan 3

Daily DAOwlpha: I don’t know who needs to hear this, but you don’t need to own tokens or an NFT to contribute to a DAO - @chasechapman




Excellent job on your first sCoop @coolhorsegirl. Excited to have you along for the ride. :slight_smile:


Me too—Thanks a ton for your endless guidance!!